Are Gun Owners Going to Turn Out in 2020?

For several elections cycles, the Democrats and their gun-grabbing allies in Congress and in states across the country have been waging war on the 2nd Amendment.

Billionaires, media outlets, celebrities, leftist groups, and politicians have organized to disarm American citizens.

Virginia is just the latest battleground to reach a boiling point.

Tens of thousands of gun owners from across the country descended on Virginia’s capitol to fight back against Governor Northam and his cronies in the Democrat Party.

Virginia brought gun owners together from all races and walks of life.

However, Democrats ignored the rally and pushed more gun control through their state senate, including unconstitutional Red Flag laws.

The big question heading into the primary and general election season is, will gun owners get off their butts and vote out the gun grabbers from both parties?

2020 will be monumental for gun owners.

Not only is the Presidential election going to be intense, but each state is going to see a massive fight over those who want more gun control and those who don’t.

The main concern I have is whether or not gun owners are going to be as tenacious in their defense of the 2nd Amendment as the gun-grabbers are who want to destroy it.

Too many gun owners are apathetic.

Gun owners from “red” states, in particular, better not take lightly the defense of their freedoms.

Gun owners in “purple” or “blue” states can’t give up the fight to restore what has been lost. Gun grabbers are hoping you will leave the state to them and let their attacks the 2nd Amendment go unimpeded.

Simply voting in the 2020 elections is not enough.

You must actively help and campaign for those candidates, at any level of government, who will fight to preserve the 2nd Amendment.

Find and support candidates who stick their necks out on the line for gun owners.

If your candidates aren’t willing to go on record opposing Red Flag laws, bans on firearms, bans on magazines, and other forms of gun control, then they do not deserve your support.

Find no-compromise pro-gun groups in your state and support them!

Groups like the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance and Washington Gun Rights do not put up with gun-grabbers no matter what party they represent.

Gun owners in Washington state rallied recently for the 2nd Amendment.

It is not time to play nice folks.

It’s time to hold politicians accountable and the only way to do that is for you to stand up to them and vote them out, no matter what lame excuses they give you for their betrayals.

Don’t let 2020 be the year the AOC and Bernie Sanders of the country get a hold of your state.

Remember, all that it takes for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing.

One thought on “Are Gun Owners Going to Turn Out in 2020?”

  1. We don’t want any red flag laws or any infringement on or second amendment rights. The government needs to follow the Constitution or be voted out.We will not give our rights up

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