Bill Banning Common Firearms in Washington Filed by Attorney General Bob Ferguson

The Attorney General in any state is rarely someone you hear from or about.

That is not the case in the state of Washington.

Attorney General Bob Ferguson seems to be in the news frequently. Usually, and especially during the legislative session, Ferguson can be found attacking gun owners through his absurd proposals.

In 2021, Ferguson has filed a bill (SB 5217/HB 1229) once again to ban what he falsely labels “assault weapons.”

Ferguson has had it out for gun owners from the time he became attorney general.

Ferguson could care less about the actual criminals running around Seattle and the surrounding area. No, Ferguson wishes to focus on gun owners who have done nothing wrong.

Ferguson doesn’t care that his proposal won’t actually stop crime. He just wants to ban items in the left’s attempt to erase the 2nd Amendment.

With the nation now under the control of the radical left, we know that protecting gun rights well into the future is going to be a hefty challenge.

It is too easy for gun owners to just give up and not stay in the fight.

That is not the right move. This country desperately needs good men and women to stand up and stop the attacks on the U.S. and state constitutions.

Right now though, we need immediate action in Washington state to stop Ferguson’s attack on the 2nd Amendment.

For those of you living in Washington, contact your legislators right away using the link here and tell them to stop Ferguson’s ban on commonly-held firearms. The link provides a pre-written email so make it easy for gun owners to take quick action courtesy of the group Washington Gun Rights!

If you don’t live in Washington but know some people who do, be sure to forward them this link so they too can take action.

Flood the inboxes of legislators in Olympia with your demand that they do not move SB 5217/HB 1229 forward and that they immediately table the bill.

Be sure to share this article as well and help spread the word for gun owners in Washington to take action!