Bill in Washington Would Ban Open Carry at Capitol, Public Demonstrations

While gun owners in many red states will have their focus on what is happening in Congress over the next few years, gun owners in blue states will be focused on stopping gun control in their own states once again.

No states know that better in the Northwest than gun owners living in Oregon and Washington. Both states have been under constant attack from gun grabbers.

A group in Washington known as the “Alliance for Gun Responsibility” is already helping push their latest assault on the 2nd Amendment, SB 5038.

SB 5038 would ban the open carrying of firearms at the state capitol in Olympia and any public political gathering.

(Note: For citizens in Washington, you can use the link here to send a pre-written email to your legislators to oppose this measure, courtesy of Washington Gun Rights!)

Gun grabbers of course are claiming that crime will be stopped and are also telling gun owners they just don’t like seeing guns.

First, there is no evidence that banning open carry will do anything to stop crime. None.

When is the last time you saw a criminal walking near the capitol in Olympia or any state capitol with their firearm openly displayed? It just doesn’t happen.

That’s how you know SB 5038 is a direct attack on law-abiding gun owners and common sense.

The truth is that SB 5038 is all part of the gun control advocate’s efforts to get guns out of the sight of society so they can “brainwash” you and your children into thinking firearms don’t exist.

Nevermind that these same people didn’t seem bothered when Antifa and BLM were literally burning down cities and taking over (CHAZ anyone) parts of other cities with absolute impunity.

Remember when police departments “stood down” at the orders of leftist mayors and refused to help innocent people or businesses being attacked?

Do you remember the leftist politicians who said nothing as all of this was happening? And yet these are the same people who want to lecture gun owners on the 2nd Amendment and how “scary” it is if people are open carrying.

Perhaps if the looters and rioters saw a bunch of gun owners open carrying they would have thought twice about destroying property and hurting innocent people.

Right now though, gun owners in Washington need to mobilize against SB 5038 and share the link provided to contact your legislators to tell them to do all they can to stop the ban on open carry.

One thought on “Bill in Washington Would Ban Open Carry at Capitol, Public Demonstrations”

  1. The law abiding citizen talking point is really getting old. Doesn’t anyone actually believe in inalienable all rights anymore? And not that I agree with anyone burning down people’s business (except government, like police) I get why they fight. And don’t give me that marxists crap. That’s another point for another day. The fact of the matter is instead of pandering to what your base wants to hear you need to convince those who will vote against you. This article is just a circle jerk. I get what’s at stake here. And I know I sound like an ass hole. But it’s the truth. You already have your votes in the bag. Those aren’t the ones you need. Writing to people isn’t going to get them to dismiss the bill it’s going to be voted on. We need to make sure it doesn’t pass.

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