Bloomberg Trying to Take Texas as He Did With Oregon and Washington

After the leftists took gun-friendly Colorado and turned it blue, they turned their sights on two other states, Virginia and Texas.

Virginia has now fallen to the gun grabbers.

Now, they have turned to their other main target and it would be a game-changer if they can flip Texas. That’s what they plan to do according to a local Texas TV news station.

Gun control advocates are gearing up to make Texas their top political battleground in November.

Everytown for Gun Safety announced in February that it would spend at least $8 million this election cycle in the state, mainly focusing on U.S. House and state House races. On Monday, the Michael Bloomberg-backed group announced the first round of that spending — a $250,000 digital ad campaign targeting Republicans in five key congressional races. And on Thursday, the group is naming three staffers to help with its Texas campaign, including two veteran Democratic operatives.

The moves set up Everytown to be one of the biggest players in down-ballot races this cycle in Texas, outside of the Democratic and Republican party committees.

Texas is “clearly emerging as a top battleground state — there’s just no question about it — and it’s why we’re investing $8 million in the state this cycle,” Everytown senior political adviser Charlie Kelly said. “Between the investment and our network of 400,000 grassroots supporters, our goal is to do whatever it takes to elect gun sense candidates up and down the ballot in the state.”

Bloomberg is going to drop $8 million in Texas in five House races to try and flip the chamber to the Democrats.

This is a similar method they have used to Oregon and Washington. Soon they will likely try to do the same to states like Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming.

Now is the time to fight back if you are not involved.

We may not have the money but we have the grassroots gun owners who can stand up to these radical leftists.

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