Caldwell Gun Control Candidate Defeated!

Democrats in Idaho are sorely disappointed tonight as their Party Chairman has been defeated in a race that they had hoped to win.

Evangeline Beechler was defeated by John McGee 61% TO 39% tonight.

The Democrat Party in Idaho had hoped to run this race under the radar.

Because Idaho city elections are non-partisan, radical Democrats can run for offices that they wouldn’t normally win if party disclosure was a requirement.

And they might have gotten away with it too if it weren’t for the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance.

The ISAA spent weeks exposing who Evangeline Beechler really was. They exposed her unwillingness to fill out their pro-2nd Amendment survey. They exposed her ties and love of radical gun-grabbers like Barak Obama, Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, and more.

Additionally, the ISAA delivered thousands of postcards to Caldwell residents educating them that Evangeline Beechler was hiding her gun control stances.

Earlier today gun owners in Caldwell even held signs near the Canyon County Elections Office where all voters had to cast their votes for the race.

Gun owners turned out in larger than expected results for the runoff election today and dealt gun grabbers in Idaho a devastating defeat.

This should be a lesson learned for Idahoans.

If you don’t pay attention to local elections in these non-partisan races, the radicals will eventually take over your cities and towns and turn them into progressive strongholds.

For now, Caldwell has held off the attack.

6 thoughts on “Caldwell Gun Control Candidate Defeated!”

  1. Congrats to Greg Pruitt and the ISAA. Without Greg and the many members of the ISAA, she might have got elected. Just goes to show you, don’t mess with 2A supporters in Idaho ! Don’t Tread on Me !!!

  2. Too bad the ISAA wasnt able to get the job done for Boise as well. I hear the female mayor there is a dem and they are movng more and more closer to gun control measures as well. Need to keep the Calif liberals out of Idaho!!

  3. I’m sure glad I live in Canyon County and not in Ada County! Boise took a real hit yesterday. Good job, Caldwell (and Idaho 2A Alliance!) for helping to keep Canyon County free and constitutional!

  4. This is so Important. The lefty’s get in under These places under the Radar and get into our school districts counters etc.. We all need to pay attention. Idahoans need to get back involved in our town councils, mayor, and school boards

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