Can You Carry at Church in the Northwest?

The media is going to bury the White Settlement church shooting as quickly as they can.

The shooting simply doesn’t fit the narrative they want to push gun control.

After a deranged lunatic opened fire on innocent church parishioners, he was quickly stopped by an armed good guy with a gun.

The time it took for the good guy with a gun to stop the bad guy with a gun? Two seconds.

Think about other church shootings in recent years and you will quickly realize that time is of the essence. Most shootings don’t last longer than a couple of minutes if there isn’t an armed innocent person there to stop the bad guy.

The police are often too far away to respond in time.

Even when the police respond quickly, a lot of people can be injured or killed before they get there.

The shooting at the Dayton, Ohio bar earlier this year lasted just 32 seconds. Nine people were killed, and 17 others were injured in that short amount of time before police arrived and killed the attacker.

The White Settlement church shooting is exactly why gun owners say you should carry, even at church. In just two seconds from the time the first shot was fired, it was all over.

How many lives were saved?

A mass shooting was prevented because not one, but at least five armed citizens were ready to protect the flock. You can see video of the incident here.

Attacks on religious facilities can happen anywhere and against any faith.

So, in Washington, Idaho, Wyoming, Oregon, and Montana, what are the laws concerning church carry?

The good news for those that live in the Northwest is that concealed and open carry inside religious facilities is allowed by law as they are considered private property.

Of course, a church can ask that you not carry a firearm in their facilities, and trespassing charges could be filed if you refuse to leave.

Church leaders should learn from the White Settlement shooting and better prepare their congregations for potential threats.

No law or rule banning firearms is going to stop a mad man from attacking.

It’s up to us to protect ourselves and those we love, even at church.

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