Could U.S. Gun Owners Defeat Their Own Government in Battle?

Gun grabbers often ask, “What do you need an AR-15/AK-47 for?”

Other than it not being any of their business, let’s discuss some of the reality behind why we own any weapon.

A gun owner would typically respond to the above question with several reasons that he/she would want/need an AR-15, which would include the ability to fight back against a tyrannical government.

This response would elicit laughter and mockery from the anti-2A crowd.

“You really think you are going to defeat the government with that thing? They have tanks, planes, bombs, and the best weaponry in the world!”

Now, let’s put aside the fact that the original intent of the 2nd Amendment was for the citizens to be as equally armed as the government.

Let’s also look past the fact that the gun grabber just made the case for us that we need to be better armed than our AR-15’s and AK-47’s.

Let’s instead look at the prospect of a war amongst the citizens of the United States and our government.

Could we defeat our own government in a war on our own soil?

Now, there is no way to determine who would come out on top of an internal conflict between U.S. citizens and their government, but there is a strong possibility that U.S. citizens could be victorious.

The determination of a victor depends on numerous factors, including how big the war is. Is it localized or is it nationwide?

For the scenario in question, we will assume that this is a full-scale war across the country.

A full-scale war probably gives U.S. citizens an even better chance of victory in some respects because government troops would not be able to be pulled from other parts of the country to fight in a “localized” conflict.

First, you must understand that when the war breaks out there are going to be a number of current military members who defect and join the ranks of their citizens.

This would be particularly true of National Guard members who are entrenched members of their communities.

For instance, are members of the Idaho Army National Guard willing to shoot and kill their family, friends, neighbors, and other people that they live amongst? This is highly unlikely.

While incidents like Hurricane Katrina show that some National Guard members are willing to confiscate weapons from their own citizens, under a full-scale war you are likely to see many of these troops change sides because they wouldn’t’ be deployed to other states.

That isn’t to say that everyone would change sides, but my belief is that a large number would.

Second, an armed populace poses a major problem for any standing army.

Having served in Iraq myself, I can tell you that even small arms in the hands of untrailed insurgents create havoc for a standing army.

Look at Afghanistan and the standing armies, including Russia, that have been bogged down in long-term conflicts with insurgents who don’t have tanks, planes, and nuclear bombs.

U.S. citizens are better armed, better trained, and have more resources to carry out a war against its own government.

Don’t forget that Americans are very creative and clever. They would be able to disable some of the weaponry owned by the government (think “sticky bombs” from Saving Private Ryan) or create other weapons not currently allowed by law but would most certainly pop up in a war.

Third, a large number of veterans in the United States would pose a major problem for the government.

Sure, you could see some veterans that join the ranks of the government in a full-scale war but those numbers would pale in comparison to the number who would defect from the government.

The veterans in this country, including any defectors from the government, are going to be able to use equipment acquired during the war.

There is a high probability that tanks and other heavy weaponry would be captured by U.S. citizens and used in the fight.

Fourth, how willing is the U.S. government willing to go in destroying its own country?

Sure, the government would be willing to kill citizens in a full-scale war, but how much damage to their own infrastructure are they willing to endure?

Are they going to destroy entire cities to maintain power?

Are they going to destroy their own highways, bridges, and other crucial infrastructure to keep power?

Would they be willing to use nuclear bombs on us?

That’s a possibility but with the war being on our own land, they would be less inclined to do so.

Of course, that all depends on who the tyrant in power is.

In conclusion, yes it is possible for U.S. citizens to defeat their own government even if an AR-15 and AK-47 are all we have to start with.

This article isn’t intended to be an all-encompassing analysis on a full-scale war between U.S. citizens and their government, but a simple reminder to gun grabbers that they shouldn’t underestimate the abilities of U.S. citizens to fight tyranny.

American colonists defeated the most powerful army in the world. We could do the same if necessary.

God willing it will never come to this.

The 2nd Amendment, as limited as it is right now, serves as an excellent deterrent for any tyrant. Without the 2nd Amendment, we would be living in a far different America than we are right now.

No one should be praying for war.

We hope for peace and we hope that no one ever takes power in this country who would try to disarm its citizens and risk a costly internal conflict.

A war with the government is going to result in the loss of a lot of innocent lives.

That isn’t something anyone should be hoping for.

For now, we continue to defend our right to keep and bear arms and refuse to compromise with the gun grabbers because we know we’ll need everything we have should the day come when we have to use our weapons against a tyrannical government.

-Greg Pruett, President of the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance

176 thoughts on “Could U.S. Gun Owners Defeat Their Own Government in Battle?”

    1. Also, what isn’t mentioned is the large number of L.E.O.s that would take take up the side of the general population. We also took an oath to uphold, defend and protect the Constitution of the United States. We often live in the same communities that we serve. An overwhelming majority of L.E.O.s would refuse to take up arms against the same people who we live amongst, see at the market, attend church with and see at school functions. We are well trained. We are well armed. We would not comply with an Unconstitutional government order.

      1. Love it. Glad someone had the balls to write something along these lines for Q&A. It needs to be talked about and brought to everyone’s attention. Of course it came from Gregg pruett! Nice job!

      2. Thank you & those of your mentality.

        TrueBlood American Patriots…is what I call you guyz… <3
        HOO-YAH & God Bless the Restoration of the Republic.

        1. Law Enforcement Officer (LEO) is a term that has replaced “Peace Officer” and “Public Safety Officer”. It is a subtle change, but it reflects a change in purpose (attitude) from “protect and serve” (think Andy Griffith) to one of enforcing rules, codes, and laws (think Barney Fife). In my opinion, it is not a good change and combined with the wrong personality, it has created fear and anger in citizens and moves people away from the concept that, “the policeman is your friend.”

          1. You are correct! How are you to teach your children to respect the law officers when its their job to lie to get a confession? There is honor in the truth and being respectful to the public,even if they are or did something wrong! Walk in honor!

          2. Spot on. I was in law enforcement and i saw this shift that you refer to first hand. And i agree, it is not good.

          1. A criminal will always find a LEO disrespectful. The LEO disagreed it was the criminals right to take something from someone else, whether that be a purse, a car, money, their dignity or their life. The criminal seems to feel they have their own set of rights. The LEO is there to remind them otherwise.

        2. What used to be called a Peace Officer, and acted like it. Half Andy Griffith, Half Buford Pusser. What we need on police/sheriff depts.

      3. Sadly I’m not convinced that LEOs will be on the side of the people as that’s speaking as not only a military veteran but also one as a LEO. There was just a man killed in Maryland with the new “Red Flag” law when officers went to disarm him, the man refused and died as a result.
        Sadly I believe most LEOs will choose their paycheck and security of knowing their own rights aren’t being infringed upon and not care to do what IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO and what they have sworn to do and uphold.
        As it is so many “patriots” in this country that will slap a 3per decal on their truck and wear the tshirts, all while playing keyboard tough guy will claim to be willing to fight for our Constitutional rights but when we are being made aware of things such as Virginia or others then “patriots” should be showing up in the tens of thousands to show the willingness to fight and defend our rights.
        These “patriots” seem to feel so long as it’s not in their backyards and effecting them directly then it doesn’t matter but EVER case and incident matters because one of us will be next.

        1. Mike, if a war broke out between the citizens and the government than a paycheck would be a moot point as most communities would not be able to function normally. I personally do not believe many LEOs would side with the government. I am in a militia which consists of current and veteran military, LEOs, and first responders and I find it almost unfathomable that they would turn on their own communties.

        2. I strongly agree with you..i consider myself one hell of a patriot. But to say i m going to quit my job and haul butt to Virginia to help out is absurd. I have a family to take care of. It is my number one job.
          The government knows not to take on all of us at once but in small chunks so we wont realize what is really going on til its to late. Til we are forced to defend ourselves. One at a time…..We will be killed .
          One for all….and all for one,just isnt reality anymore

        3. Mike that one that was killed in Maryland did not have anyone by his side, it was 4 against 1. You do remember “the shot that was heard around the world”

        4. Thier paychecks would hardly be guaranteed during an all out civil war. Entire system would be down in very short order.

        5. I’m also a veteran and retired police officer. Sadly Mike has a couple of good points. Yes, younger LEO’S with families to support will probably participate in the unconstitutional act of disarming citizens, if they are confident that the employer has their backs. Only those of the highest level of knowledge and integrity will actually uphold the constitution and back the citizens they serve.
          Today’s Military, made up mostly of America’s youth, haven’t been educated on history and the constitution to the same degree older Americans were, if at all. Sadly most have taken an oath to things they don’t even understand. So they will probably comply and participate in the unlawful/Unconstitutional act of fighting and disarming their own fellow citizens. Again, only those soldiers of the highest caliber and integrity will understand that these actions are illegal, immoral and unconstitutional, and will step to the side of “Right!”
          We can only hope that enough will defect to possibly hinder government operations.
          We should also hope that our leadership in the upper echelons will retaliate and refuse to carry out these anti American activities. Hopefully these same leaders will stage a successful coup attempt against such a tyrannical government!…

        6. Sadly a lot of people I know talk tough. They own a rifle and a couple of boxes of ammo. But, unless everything tanks, these people won’t do anything. They are in economic slavery. Nice house, nice cars, nice toys. The thought of having to go fight would mean losing their job. They are so far in debt they would lose everything. Many are not not willing to do that. So unless everything collapsed, they are just big mouths. I have no bills. I can go tomorrow. Nobody is going to repo my car, take my house. Like i said, if things don’t collapse, those people will shut up and disappear into the shadows. Don’t count on them. But sadly I’m told the American dream mean being in debt to your eyeballs. Then your a slave.

      4. I work With a lot of guys that used to be LEO’s and they all say the same thing you do.
        They took that oath to uphold and protect the US Constitution and wouldn’t take anyone’s weapons.

      5. Although we are seeing sheriffs across the country refusing to conform to these new overreaching laws, most Police are not upholding their sworn oath to support and defend the constitution. Quite the opposite even. If that were the case there would be zero gun laws being enforced since they are all unconstitutional. It would be fairly safe to say that all of the gun laws to include licenses that require a citizen ask permission to purchase back their gun rights and to carry concealed are only able to exist because there have been a majority of police who are in violation of their oaths and enforce these laws. Then if a citizen were to defend themselves, their families, their liberty, or their property, they stand a pretty good chance at being jailed because they didn’t do it right. All of these tyrant governors get all of their power from their police force. Yes, their police force.

      6. Local LEO’s would be insane to become involved in any gun confiscation. We know who they are and where they live. While they are stealing my guns, my friends are burning their house to the ground with their wife and kids inside. Sound insane? War is insane but that is what this article covers. Our rights are worth any cost. This nation was born in fire. If it takes fire to keep her, then let’s get it over so our great grand kids can live in the free country our Founders created. No rational person wants it to ever happen. I must believe the most active military, veterans, and LEO’s will stand by their oaths. I will. I swore allegiance to my country, not its government, as both a sailor and an LEO.

    2. I would submit only a Left Wing Democrat has taken control of the govt, they would more then likely bring in “UN Forces” as well as taking elements of the US Military & puting them in “UN uniforms”.
      This, of course would cause hundreds of Ex American military joining the general population of Americans fighting back..

      More then likely there are many “govt employees” would act as a 5th Columnists fighting the “govt” on the inside aganist the TOTALITARIANIST govt.
      There would also be a fair % of leftist general population who would join the TOTALITARIANIST govt..but i suspect they would last long…

          1. Blue helmets make excellent targets ! Stand right out nicely ! Apply well aimed 7.62×51 and big exit hole along with brain matter! Bye bye UN!!!

    3. I think the article is mostly realistic but still risky business. The thought of it is scary, because who would take over, and how would that turn out….

      1. It is scary, agreed. And hopefully that will help keep either side from acting rashly. Good points in the article.

    4. Outstanding article. I agree with almost everything stated in it. Above all, let’s Hope and Pray it never happens. Civil war again would destroy the last Great hope the world has as an example off What Freedom is.

    5. I would not put it past the Democrats to unite with gang members, released felons and terrorists. They have show who they support and are loyal to and it’s not the average citizen.

    6. I agree but as you all see the 2nd amendment has been hushed for many years, and broken down that we the people don’t really know the meaning, as I recall it states we the people not picking any state but all states, so where are the states coming up with their own laws on who could own a firearm, and for those that have been incarcerated where is the the long barrel the horse land and silver bar to get started again? The government has screwed we the people the states don’t care for we the people there is no help for we the people when we the people need the help but that’s another story for we the people, when the sheep wake up and become the sheepdog the protectors then our country can become what it was truly meant to be the most powerful country in the world

    7. so who exactly determines what constitutes a tyrannical government? I doubt the government would do anything overtly tyrannical to its own citizens on American soil…unless you consider 300 years of slavery, another 100 years of Jim Crow laws, caging human beings and separating children from parents simply for trying to legally cross the border. Then yu have the biggest problem which this article completely glossed over: an organized and determined insurgency by a majority of the population. This is not Afghanistan or Vietnam…those people have been fighting for centuries and live very, very hard lives. Americans are soft and entitled by nature. If the government wanted to end any type of uprising among the handful of organized white pride survivalists all they would need to do is offer all you can eat for free day at the local Golden Corral and lock the doors once all the gun-toting fat-assed dopes have gorged themselves. Insurgency over. Oh, and please someone show me exactly where in the Federalist or Anti-Federalist Papers where it states the 2nd amendment was written to prevent a tyrannical govt? All you history majors should have heard of a little incident called the Whiskey Rebellion and how that worked out. Per the Federalist Papers and per James Madison himself, he explained exactly what the 2nd amendment was for…to quell slave uprisings which were kind of a thing at the time.

    8. Great article,good to see this on FB, its a wonder it hasn’t been squashed yet. Yes the Unorganized Militia, meaning every able bodied person 18 or older could and will defeat any attempt to bring us under a despotic communist type rule. There are people in this country who are clever and have invented new ways to cause major havoc and mayhem to any Invading Army. Take a Chemistry Major who knows how to make explosives outta common stuff found around your house. You can make an explosive component outta Human Urine. So the funny thing about us Americans,we have a tendency to rise to the occasion, and this will be no different . I urge everyone to Join your local Militia, and study the many great books on Improvised munitions,Just in case we one day will need to deploy such methods, lets hope that day never comes.

    9. I always wonder how the Gov in this case would handle 600,000 riflemen each firing a single shot a week then melting back into the woodwork. That loan shooter who has no contact with other patriots would be an absolute
      night mare.

  1. Very well written. Though I am not a gun owner myself, I support your 2nd Amendment Rights to own and bear arms, for personal/home defense, hunting, and to oppose tyranny. And I agree with you, that most National Guards, Law Enforcement, and Active Duties/Reservists/Vets would join the citizens against a tyrannical government. But what about a 2nd Civil War, where Red vs. Blue, which is what is more likely to actually occur, and where oppositions would occur between friends, neighbors, and even immediate family members?

    1. A second civil war (between red states and blue states) seems much less likely. When you look at any individual political affiliations map of the US, you see an almost completely red country with blue areas concentrated in large urban areas. Mostly on the two coasts and around the Chicago area. The pockets of dense population are mostly unarmed liberals. They do not produce their own food. You could defeat them all easily by simply blocking the trucking routes into their areas. A couple of weeks without food and the civil war is over without firing a shot.

      1. Also comforting to see that if hostilities DID beak out among red and blue lines, 90% of the leftists? Are starting out with their asses against the water. Many additionally surrounded on 3 sides as well, courtesy of geographical anomalies.
        Works for me!

  2. One issue of concern is when the U.N. would send troops in to help the tyrannical USA government? We all know that is what they want! The country’s that would do this would also have to be dealt with on there own soil to take the fight to them too and this would be a serious escalation to the next world war.

    1. They have a large weakness. Supply lines can be cut while hit and run harrassment engagements degrade the flanks.

      1. Good point, Daley Crockett. An army survives on it’s supply lines. There is also the problem of identifying the enemy. Certainly there will be a number that it’s obvious which side they’re on – but for the huge majority it will be difficult because we will not be fighting just uniformed troops. And our great melting pot is comprised of many, many cultures.

  3. The United States is in fact an Orwellian Tyranny that merely chooses not to implement full tyrannical measures. It only makes this decision because it does not yet have sufficient power to completely control the masses, i.e. we have not been made sufficiently docile, nor sufficiently dumbed down, fattened, sickened, and disarmed.

  4. Concentrated, coordinated, & continuous attacks by citizens on Government Command Personnel & Politicians is a must. Kill them and you stop orders going to Government forces to attack and kill citizens. Cut off the head of the snake.

  5. Not praying for it and not saying I want war. The way things are right now show, that we only have this option left to continue our way of life as American citizens. I would rather it happened now rather than years down the road. I personally belive machine guns should be allowed again because right now only the rich and government agencies can have full auto weapons. The 2nd Amendment doesnt say anything about the amount of money determins what weapons you can own. We need to go back to the original document that was given to us by the founding members. The Constitution is THE LAW OF THE LAND.

      1. Look for anything labeled Three Percenter or Militia or Patriot groups. Many are on Facebook and will meet in person so you will have a true family.

      2. Blue helmets make excellent targets ! Stand right out nicely ! Apply well aimed 7.62×51 and big exit hole along with brain matter! Bye bye UN!!!

  6. I tend to feel the population would win such a conflict without to much difficulty. True the loss of life would be high but we would win in the end. There are just to many of us for them to deal with. I have seen it on several sites that in general, IF only 3% of a population takes up arms against the government that government will fall. There was a post where the poster put up an interesting tid bit of information. IF you took JUST the registered hunters (not ALL gun owners) in only 3 states they outnumber ALL military personnel in ALL 4 branches of the military combined. We would have them chasing their tails trying to pin us down and getting supplies because we manufacture them and we make their fuel and feed them. They would be hard pressed to supply from overseas because who runs the docks and airports WE do.

  7. Asymmetric war will be mean and brutal. A country this big will have a hard time keeping the grid and water systems up for more than 30 days; too many power and gas line station switching points out in the middle of nowhere.

  8. I’ve said this for years. Many active military and vets would join the revolt. National Guard Bases are maned by low numbers and could easily be taken by a determined group, thus obtaining the types of weapons the general population doesn’t have now. Any large scale attacks such as bombing cities, and infrastructure would incite many that haven’t taken a side and push them to join the fight. It would not be another Civil War. It would be a Government of old people that won’t fight themselves controlling a dwindling army, as more and more join the population, against millions.

  9. In a all out war … People would win … Hands down … People armed that would stand against the government would number well over 40 million … The number that might stand with the government would likely be less than 5 million ….. In a short period of time … They would surrender because of being completely overwhelmed by a Superior force …….

  10. The writer undrestimates the numbers of active duty Military, and National Guard, and Veterans who will fight a tyrannical government that is violating our Constitutional Rights. All Military have taken, and are bound by the Oath to defend and protect the Constitution of the USA against all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC, unlike so many politicians! I would estimate, based on knowledge of the thinking processes of military men and women who join the military as volunteers, and signed that check for anything up to their own lives. They will side with the Constitution against tyranny, in a heartbeat! Gun-Grabbing inherent tyrants be warned. Oathkeepers exist in huge numbers and are armed and trained, and huge numbers are are still serving in uniform. Political minded Generals and Field Grade Officers may issue unconstitutional orders, but Junior Officers and enlisted soldiers will follow the Constitution and disobey unconsrtitutional orders! Look at the turnout of 2d Amendment supporters in all of the Virginia Counties, Cities, and Towns considring 2d Amendment Sanctuary Resolutions. including in DemocRAT controlled areas! Do not awaken the sleeping giants!

    1. I served in the U.S. Army in the mid/late 80’s in a combat MOS 19E and 19K, M60A3 and M1 tank driver. When I swore that oath at 17 years old I knew that promise I made to my country and to God would be until the day they chunk me in the ground. I feel just as strongly, possibly even moreso, today as I did then. It kind of blows my mind that things are coming to that because they trained us and know full well what we are capable of. Not only that, but in service there are rules, regulations, the Geneva convension and if they play that game with us on out Homeland they would be very wise to keep in the very front of their minds that on American soil there will be NO rules of engagement!!!

  11. The United States Constitution begins “We the People”
    Every member of the military and law enforcement understands what this means and their responsibility to it.

  12. The American revolution was stared by Sam Adams and a few others lighting fires with the enemy. I see the same happening here soon.
    There are many ways to nip this in the bud. It’s as easy as cutting the enemy off from the grid and stopping the resupply of food. It could be done by a small group of people.

  13. 2 million standing US service members, across the globe. 70% voted conservative.
    20m US veterans in the US. 70% voted conservative.
    1m US law enforcement…most of whom would be forced to try to keep the peace. They’d be ineffective at best in a war on domestic soil.

    430 million firearms in the US, most in the hands of conservatives.
    Assuming firearm bans are the cause, do you really think gun manufacturers are going to supply arms to those trying to enforce it?
    Shutting down power to the entire country (except Texas which has its own infrastructure) is a piece of cake.
    Destroying choke points necessary for moving armies across the country is also a piece of cake.
    Conservative America not sending food to liberal cities would cause widespread famine and chaos.

    There’s so much more….but I think this lays it out effectively.

  14. If,(if) this is backed by a One World Organization it would be a globel effort to take the United States down .
    A massive propaganda effort would come into play.Those of certain classes would choose to ally with those whose finances are the most lucretive.
    Those are the weak elite.
    Most unaware citizens ,who have no idea what to believe or who to follow are the most vulnerable.
    They are going to need strong leadership.
    They will be your inner city ,the baseline
    They will need training ,strong leadership !
    Your country people ,your hunters and
    Patriots will be needed to spread the word .
    Citizens ban radios are a must in all corners of the States .
    Trust our American soldiers ,Vets,
    To fight against the tyrranny of the invader.
    My next question is ;
    How the Hell can an Educated People like we have in this country become so lax that none of us have seen this creeping upon our Nation ?
    If your an American ,The time is Now ,
    Don’t let Washington ,As it is ,
    Take the United States of America down .
    Our Constitution must be upheld .
    We will not now to Socialism!

  15. The thing we should keep in mind is that the government (liberal) media would wage a propaganda war against the citizens. The men and women who stood with the Bundy family during the original Nevada standoff were painted as crazy gun nuts looking for a fight. The idea of citizens standing against the government had been attacked as extremism for years. What does that matter? For those who don’t think for themselves its very akin to what the nazis did to the Jews. You dehumanize and vilify a people then its easier to kill them without regret or thought. Ask the average city dweller what they think of modern day militia. Racists. Radicals. Dangerous. Fringe elements. Why? Because that’s the narrative being pushed. Propaganda works. Trying to win the common man to the citizens (their own people’s) side might prove difficult in many areas. And that will lead to a higher body count and a longer fight. A fight I believe the people can win but the cost I believe would be higher than alot of people think.

  16. We as a people have compromised so much for so many years and got nothing in return.
    People have a line in their sand.
    The pendulum has been swinging in the anti gunners favor but it is now reverting back to the American citizen in leaps and bounds as people are tired of Rights being stripped away,the revolving broken justice system,the Supreme court’s ruling that cops are not obligated to protect the public, people tired of being victims twice- once by the bad guys and 2nd by the courts.

  17. It appears when dealing with these traitors, these want to be dictators, our founding documents mean nothing. This is disturbing and frightening that our public servants can become our masters against everything the Founders of our Nation placed to prevent it.

  18. It’s a dangerous proposition for all concerned … Too many keyboard kommandos are getting excited about the opportunity to tote that Yeet Cannon into the Great Boogaloo.
    I pray that it never devolves to an armed Civil Rebellion.
    It’s not going to resemble Red Dawn by any means … death, destruction, hunger, lack of supply lines, communication, medication, etc. will be rampant the longer it goes on .
    #PFP/ prayforpeace

  19. Piece of the puzzle not discussed: THE STATES.

    Read Federalist 46. Too many pro-2A people think of “resistance to tyranny” as being entirely private. The Framers actually envisioned that the STATES would be the initiators and organizers of resistance. I know this goes against libertarian and conspiracy-theory thought, but it’s the reality.

    There is also this from second POTUS John Adams: “To suppose arms in the hands of citizens, to be used at individual discretion, except in private self-defense, or by partial orders of towns, counties or districts of a state, is to demolish every constitution, and lay the laws prostrate, so that liberty can be enjoyed by no man; it is a dissolution of the government. The fundamental law of the militia is, that it be created, directed and commanded by the laws, and ever for the support of the laws.
    —John Adams, A Defence of the Constitutions of the United States 475 (1787-1788)

    There have been two serious uprisings (so to speak) against central authorities in American history–the Revolution and the Civil War (aka, “The War Between the STATES”). Neither were carried out by private effort. Both were done in the vision offered by the Founders–at Colony/State authority. Today, such an approach sets up a valid response to critics raising issues of federal heavy arms–the citizenry doesn’t have to firepower against tanks and aircraft, but a State can.

    There will be arguments offered against this. However, NONE of them will directly address the above citations of the Founding Fathers, and most will center around bogus quotes of the Fathers. In that latter vein, people should look at this page from Guncite BEFORE responding, and especially before reciting those wonderful lines that so many fall back on regarding this issue.

    1. Great comment have you read any of Edwin Rivera, Daniel Mcdoggnal? They are very well versed in the right of the militias of the several states.

  20. I appreciate this article of discussion as I am retired Military and Civilian Police. I like to distance the thought of a civil war, but I also will not stand for a Tyrannical government.
    Another major concern will be the murderous American and illegal criminal elements. I wouldn’t put it past some of the current State leaders to release prisoners and arm them to fight for their interests.
    God Bless The Constitution of the United States of America!

  21. There is a few things this would require in order to take place, Common sense, Well Disciplined, No Rambo attitudes. and know how. Do you know it does not take an anti tank weapon to stop a tank if you are smart

  22. Don’t forget the Commander in Chief is with us, and therefore most of the military. I see the fight being against foreign Armies and liberals.

  23. I agree, it would not be a pretty picture and pray such a scenario never happens. Should the corrupt government go off the deep end and start a shooting War, I have no doubt which side I would be on. The Soros New World Order, our main enemy, has grossly underestimated the resolve and patriotism of the Silent Majority. We know who they are and if they start a War, there will be no place in this country for them to hide. Semper Fidelis.

  24. The article doesn’t mention the fact that if the Government turned on it’s citizens other countries could become an equally big threat. The Government would be so tied up fighting its citizens the possibility of a foreign enemy could sweep in and take the whole system down.

  25. PS the (((Bolsheviks))) had no problem at all with getting Russians to mass murder their fellow Russians, by the tens of millions. Do you really think they’ll have a hard time getting the psychologically prescreened drones to do their bidding this time around? Not to mention the multicultural police and military we have now, who have been taught to hate whites, and who don’t even need to be US citizens to enlist. They will be far more willing than you want to believe.

  26. The only thing that I see with this analysis is that there is no consideration for economic choking of civilians by the tyrant in power. They will isolate the greatest threats, take access away like banks, medical and other resources. They will attack your credit and brand you as a bad guy to your friends and neighbors. They will use crooked judges and the same LEO’s to arrest and harass you and your family. If you have a spouse and kids they will harass them to the point that as a parent you may decide to cave. Those “red flag” laws will help the government identify those who have large quantities of arms who most likely find 2A restrictions offensive. Undoubtedly they will use those who easily get offended and will encourage the same to turn us in. Social media is a monitoring arena and will be used as a reporting platform. If FB, Twitter, etc can use AI to figure out you need toilet paper before you know, they can use this to figure out what threat or how useful you are to the “resisting factions.” Therefore, it is not a matter of if there will be some resistance but rather how to organize into a structure that would contribute, be efficient and resourceful. I pray that the day never comes when we have to fight each other but to save our way of life we look at the following famous quote. “The tree of liberty has to be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

  27. Excellent article, with one glaring omission: you neglected to analyze the use of foreign, UN troops who have no affinity for America. These troops are already on our soil. They have access to myriad UN equipment — those that were seen being transported by train all over the country. How would you suggest modestly protected households stand up to that kind of force?

  28. An excellent and well thought out analysis of the situation. You missed one salient point, the Viet Cong handed us our ass in Viet Nam.

  29. The only truly effective threat I can see the US government using against citizens would be drones and if that was the case I find it highly unlikely regardless how much another country doesn’t like us that they would sit back and allow that.

    The only thing I would worry about in this scenario is a country like Russia taking advantage of the situation and dropping an EMP in the middle of the country while this is going on and then invading us at our weakest moment. HOWEVER…… One thing I have noticed about our people is when a conflict hits American soil we tend to unite. So basically it would end up somebody attempting to take advantage of a conflict and both sides of the conflict turn their guns at the foreign enemy. 🤷‍♂️.

    I also dont think people understand how armed the american population really is. Theres more citizens that own major military equipment (tanks, anti aircraft guns, rocket launchers, mini guns, humvees etc…)then the government kows of.

  30. I live near the east coast. I’ve heard chatter from militias in other states about running to join the fight.
    This is all well and good, but really – if the proverbial dooky hits the fan here in Virginia, how many people are ACTUALLY going to come to our aid? I’m not looking for many. I think the vast majority will stay put and wait for the fight to come to them. If that’s the case, the government might stand a better chance at winning a war with its own people. Make no mistake, I don’t wish for that to happen. I’m just saying, we can speculate about the success of the Anerican people, but unless we’re more organized than we currently are, we might be in a wee bit of trouble.

  31. The (((people))) who have subverted our government WANT to destroy our cities and our infrastructure, so no they will not be holding back. Neither will their multi culti troops.

  32. search for John Mark on utube. he has tons of research, facts, and details on just this same thing. In a much greater depth

  33. Marine Corps combat veteran: my oath to the Constitution still stands. We can take on whatever forces the government might muster. 95% of Marines would join the people, 80% of Army, 75% of Navy, and 60 % of Air Force.

  34. The real problem would not be on the battlefield, as difficult as that would indeed be. The real problem, as anyone with actual military experience knows, is logistics. Supplying food, water, ammunition, medical care as needed. That requires an extensive, complex infrastructure. We are all orders of magnitude softer than our Rebellious ancestors, and the task would be orders of magnitude more difficult.

    1. We’ve entered other countries with little infrastructure supplies and logistics and we reinforced the grounds we took the front line fights too. You forget most of us willing to fight know our areas very well. Our ancestors were less equipped, less experienced and less trained on survival and war tactics. Even the daily psychological warfare the every day civilian could not cope with 24/7 like most veteran’s and enlisted have had to experience. I’m very comfortable as a former combat medic with fighting an enemy within our own lands. Not saying I’d like it but when it comes to the oath I took it was never discharged fighting against foreign or domestic. Peace is always the best alternative but when the shit hits the fan it becomes null and void.

  35. What used to be called a Peace Officer, and acted like it. Half Andy Griffith, Half Buford Pusser. What we need on police/sheriff depts.

  36. Exactly. Might as well start recon on choke points for supplies; roads, rails, electricity, fuel oil, and gas. (Even drinking water from the reservoirs outside of the cities). You blockade most of that and the cities will consume themselves in a week. Then the ‘clean-up’ begins. They don’t realize that they’re cutting the lock on the bear cage.

  37. As a Vietnam vet, I must remind the government about the Viet Cong’s success in terrorizing all politicians AND THEIR FAMILIES. If an important person such as a Police Chief was impossible to target, then all members of his family were sought after and killed. This was done on a grand scale all over South Vietnam and served to stifle any cooperation by citizens with their government. The iconic video of the Saigon Police Chief shooting a Charlie in the head was even used against the South Vietnamese government as a reason America should have stopped supporting that government………..when, in fact, that particular Viet Cong that was shot on camera happened to have been captured while attempting to kill the Police Chief’s family. Genuine war does not abide by steadfast rules such as Geneva Convention agreements. It will be ugly and the government knows it. That is why it is doing everything it can to restrict the 2nd Amendment. Even a totalitarian government, like China, cannot prevent wholesale terrorist murder acts by knife-wielders and dangerous farming tools. Removing specified types of firearms from legal possession will never stop all the murders and even moreso, will actually cause more people to die who might have been able to protect themselves better from criminals and crazy people.

  38. I’m supporting 2nd Amendment. I don’t care what the governments say that they have military weapons. Remember the movie it’s called Red Dawn, they beat them and Revolution War, we beat England with less weapons. So we do same thing now. We fight for Freedom.

  39. Immediately the citizen army targets the extended family and friends of our dear “leaders” in Congress with our lil’ ole’ AR’s and AK’s, including the press and high ranking government employees, it will all be over quickly.

  40. There are more guns in this country than there are people. Spread over 4 million square miles.

    Could gun owners overthrow the government? No. Not unless they start stocking up on M1 Abrams and F-22s.

    Could the government confiscate all the guns? Also no. Besides the logistics, there would be literally thousands of Wacos/Ruby Ridges, and more than a few OKCs (asymmetrical warfare gave birth to this country).

    So the issue will keep getting kicked back and forth indefinitely, increasing the divisions between Americans, increasing the vitriol and the hate, when in the end, nothing, NOTHING is going to change the status quo.

  41. I’m also a veteran and retired police officer. Sadly Mike has a couple of good points. Yes, younger LEO’S with families to support will probably participate in the unconstitutional act of disarming citizens, if they are confident that the employer has their backs. Only those of the highest level of knowledge and integrity will actually uphold the constitution and back the citizens they serve.
    Today’s Military, made up mostly of America’s youth, haven’t been educated on history and the constitution to the same degree older Americans were, if at all. Sadly most have taken an oath to things they don’t even understand. So they will probably comply and participate in the unlawful/Unconstitutional act of fighting and disarming their own fellow citizens. Again, only those soldiers of the highest caliber and integrity will understand that these actions are illegal, immoral and unconstitutional, and will step to the side of “Right!”
    We can only hope that enough will defect to possibly hinder government operations.
    We should also hope that our leadership in the upper echelons will retaliate and refuse to carry out these anti American activities. Hopefully these same leaders will stage a successful coup attempt against such a tyrannical government!…

  42. Given that such a war would be based on the Govt. violating the Constitution, the probability of a military coup is also likely to happen as service members take an oath to uphold the Constitution and protect it’s citizens from enemies both foreign and domestic. If the leadership in the Federal or State Governments are violating the rights given by the Constitution than any order given that violate such right goes against the the oath they take and they have the right to refuse any and all unlawful order.

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