Famous “Slug Doctor” Goes Anti-2nd Amendment

There can be no compromise when it comes to the 2nd Amendment.

Sadly, there are members of the gun community who don’t seem to understand this concept.

They are typically referred to as “Fudds.” This term is designated for gun owners who are for some government infringements such as bans on magazine capacity or bans on certain types of weapons.

Fudds will tell you they are “pro-2nd Amendment” and then they will follow that up with “but” or a laundry list of things that gun owners should give up.

Recently, a famous gunsmith known as “The Slug Doctor” (Dave Klotz) has come out against citizens owning AR-15’s and other common rifles.

Here is what Klotz is quoted as saying on Syracuse.com:

“And I don’t do assault weapons. I don’t want anything to do with those guns. I don’t believe that citizens need to have them.”


Klotz is 82-years-old now and has spent his life gunsmithing.

Apparently, in all that time working on firearms, he forgot about the 2nd Amendment and the real reason for having firearms in the first place.

In the Fudd world that Klotz lives in, the government has every right to tell you what you can own when it comes to firearms. They have a right to tell you when you are allowed to defend yourself.

Does that sound like “shall not be infringed” to you?

Of course, if you ask Klotz if he is pro-2nd Amendment what do you suspect he will say to you?

Just like politicians who give you lip service on the campaign trail and tell you they support the 2nd Amendment but vote to infringe on it, Klotz is doing the same. He’ll show you his business and his life’s work but then decry that his time as a gunsmith makes him an expert on what you should own.

Klotz is wrong and so is any other Fudd who wants to cave to the gun control crowd.

This is no time to be giving into the enemies of the 2nd Amendment.

Despite Klotz’s claims, you have every right to own the rifle or handgun of your choice. Banning mislabeled “assault weapons” wont stop crime in any way, shape, or form.

Stand firm this year against any effort to infringe on the 2nd Amendment!

Whether it is coming from Democrats, Republicans, or misguided gun owners, the 2nd Amendment must remain and be restored.

That will only happen by standing firm and pushing back against all infringements that come our way.

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