Gun Control Advocates Rally for Idaho Republican Legislator

In an unsettling development, gun control activists in Idaho are actively working to protect a vulnerable Republican who is battling to keep her Idaho Senate seat. 

In a message posted to a private Facebook group Saturday, a Moms Demand Action activist urged her fellow gun-grabbers to vigorously defend state Sen. Patti Anne Lodge, R-Huston. Lodge, a 20-year Senate member, facing small businessman Zach Brooks in the May 19 primary. 

Gun-grabbers coming to the defense of a sitting Republican senator in Idaho might seem unusual to the casual observer.

But Lodge, who claims to adore the 2nd Amendment, isn’t the pro-gun politician she professes to be. 

In reality, Lodge continues to block sensible gun bills from finding their way into state codebooks. 

This past legislative session featured a display of Lodge’s anti-gun learnings. During the 2020 session, Rep. Chad Christensen, R-Ammon, shepherded a bill that would have allowed school employees to carry their firearms to protect Idaho school kids. 

The bill should have cleared the Legislature with ease, as the measure would have added a line of defense between attacks and children.

But, it hit a roadblock in the Idaho Senate — Sen. Patti Anne Lodge. 

Concerningly, Lodge sided with four other Senate State Affairs Committee members to send the measure to its grave. After the vote, Moms Demand Action cheered the demise of the 2nd Amendment legislation. 

In committee, Lodge told onlookers that she wanted the proposal to mandate a certain amount of training. Concerningly, Lodge gave a different story to her constituents, telling them she wanted to leave the issue to local school districts, not the state. Which is it?

Thus, it makes sense that Moms Demand Action, the gun-grabbing lobby funded by billionaire and failed Democrat candidate for president Mike Bloomberg, would mobilize for Lodge. These activists see in Lodge a politician friendly to their cause. 

This astroturf pro-Lodge campaign will increase the favorable comments on the sitting senator’s Facebook posts. Some of the commenters live outside Idaho. At least one of these frauds is looking for help as she tries to create a voice authentic enough to bamboozle anyone who might read Lodge’s comment section. 

These radical gun-grabbers may also seek to smear the successful small businessman who is primed to take out the vulnerable senator, Zach Brooks. 

Brooks, you might remember, served as chairman of the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance. He’s pro-2nd Amendment and owns a 100% record on ISAA candidate surveys. He will not compromise on gun issues.  

Lodge will. 

Will District 11 voters fall for this nonsense? Let’s hope not. 

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  1. It appears that Lodge is against the 2nd amendment but claims that she is for it. We need her out. We need many of the long time self serving people voted out

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