Gun Control on the Ballot in Caldwell, Idaho!

Above: Idaho Democrat Party Chair Evangeline Beechler poses with Hawaii’s far-left Democrat Governor David Ige, who has signed numerous bills infringing on gun rights including one in 2016 putting all gun owners in the state into an FBI database and one in 2019 enacting “red flag” gun confiscation orders.

Tomorrow, Idahoans living in Caldwell have a major choice to make.

It has been well-documented that Idaho Democrat Party Chair Evangeline Beechler is no friend of the 2nd Amendment. She refused to answer a simple pro-survey from the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance last year when she ran for Idaho State Senator in District 10.

She is also a big fan of Barak Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Joe Biden. That isn’t exactly the biggest list of pro-gun advocates you could name. In fact, most of those names would make most gun owners cringe.

But because the Caldwell City Council runoff election is non-partisan, Beechler is able to avoid disclosing her beliefs and who she admires in the political realm.

Why is the issue of gun rights important in a city election?

Just ask the gun owners in Seattle and Tacoma as both cities have seen radical city council members push gun and ammunition taxes, despite state law prohibiting such a policy being implemented.

Gun owners in “Red” states must pay attention to these city elections.

City elections typically have a low turnout and a runoff election is bound to have an even smaller turnout unless gun owners show up at the polls.

Voting takes place on Tuesday, December 3rd from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. at the Canyon County Elections Office at 1102 East Chicago Street in Caldwell.