Gun-Grabber Bloomberg Has Offices in Idaho and Washington

While the current Democrat frontrunners continue to duke it out over the early primary states, another candidate is focused on other states.

Notorious billionaire and gun-grabbing aficionado Michael Bloomberg is opening campaign offices across the country.

Sadly, he has also opened offices in the northwest.

Bloomberg clearly has the money to spend in opening offices wherever he wants.

We now know for certain that Bloomberg has opened one office in Idaho, and is opening up 10 offices in Washington.

ISAA President Greg Pruett shows Idahoans the Bloomberg office.

Usually, these states do not see this much effort from presidential candidates. Most candidates don’t have the type of money Bloomberg has.

This is nothing new for Bloomberg though.

He has bought politicians for years and continues to do so. Virginia is just the latest to fall.

Now it appears he is trying to buy the presidency.

Bloomberg has done massive damage to the 2nd Amendment over the years. Just think what he’ll do if he is running the country.

Are the Democrats going to support a candidate who has admitted to profiling minorities, attacked the poor, and is a billionaire?

We’ll find out in a few short months.

If you hear of Bloomberg opening offices in Oregon, Wyoming, or Montana, be sure to let us know!

One thought on “Gun-Grabber Bloomberg Has Offices in Idaho and Washington”

  1. If we do, we need to get Fox news to come and let people know they will be there. That might bring many more if they knew we could get national coverage.

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