Gun Grabber Michael Bloomberg Personally Calls Boise City Councilman for Endorsement

The Democrat Primary has been a rollercoaster ride with no clear frontrunner in sight.

Biden, Sanders, and Warren look to be the frontrunners right now, but with the primary election season kicking off soon, there is no telling who will come out on top.

Several months ago, notorious gun-grabber Michael Bloomberg jumped into the race.

He has already spent hundreds of millions of dollars in advertising and is taking a different strategy than other Democrat candidates when it comes to states he is targeting.

Bloomberg is skipping the early primary states, like Iowa and South Carolina, and has been focusing on Super Tuesday states and beyond.

One of the states where Bloomberg has been hard at work is Idaho.

A strange choice for Bloomberg to dig his grubby hands into given that the 2nd Amendment is cherished by most voters in Idaho, including many Democrat voters.

TV ads have been running in Idaho for weeks.

What’s even more intriguing though is that Bloomberg is actually trying to get endorsements in Idaho.

On January 21st Boise City Councilman TJ Thomson announced on Facebook that he had spoken with Bloomberg personally on the phone.

According to Thomson, Bloomberg asked him for an endorsement.

TJ, who is a big supporter of Joe Biden for President, declined the endorsement.

It’s unknown at this time who else Bloomberg has tried to recruit in Idaho but the phone call TJ had with him tells Idahoans that he isn’t ignoring the state.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Bloomberg has been involved in Idaho politics.

In 2016 Bloomberg and his cronies from Moms Demand Action tried unsuccessfully to stop Constitutional Carry.

Moms Demand Action has been mobilized ever since in Idaho and is trying to attack the 2nd Amendment in one of the reddest states in the country.

Bloomberg would be an interesting matchup for President Trump. He is considered the more “moderate” candidate in the Democrat field.

With socialists like Warren and Sanders not looking like they can beat President Trump, moderates in the Democrat Party may try to help Bloomberg win the nomination in hopes of beating the President.

But Bloomberg’s gun-grabbing record could be devastating to his election.

No person in the country has done more to destroy the 2nd Amendment than Michael Bloomberg.

While President Trump’s record on the 2nd Amendment has not been very stellar, it is likely that a matchup with Bloomberg will cause a massive amount of gun owners to turn out and support his reelection.

What do you think of Bloomberg trying to campaign in Idaho?

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