Gun Owners in Washington Drop Surprise on Rep. Wilcox for Attacks on Rep. Shea!

Gun owners are sick and tired of being trampled on and attacked by the gun-grabbing left.

The last few elections cycles have seen a major push by gun grabbers to take on the 2nd Amendment. But what is perhaps more frustrating to gun owners is the attacks that sometimes come from the Republican side of the aisle.

At a time when the gun control crowd is giving us everything we have in this fight, we can’t afford to lose Representatives that fight for us.

Some of you have heard about the recent political hitjob on pro-2nd Amendment champion Representative Matt Shea.

You may also remember that after the Democrats “investigation” into Rep. Shea, the Republican Minority Leader, J.T. Wilcox (District 2) threw Rep. Shea out of the Republican Caucus, threw him out of his office, and asked him to resign!

Rep. Shea refused because, as he told Northwest Gun News, “I did nothing wrong.”

It is sad that the Republican Minority Leader joined with Democrats to attack the most pro-2nd Amendment Representative in Washington.

Gun owners in Washington, fed up with the attacks on Rep. Shea from Rep. Wilcox, took action!

Washington Gun Right’s Political Director Greg Pruett drove down to Yelm and informed Rep. Wilcox’s constituents there exactly what was going on. Afterward, some supporters of Washington Gun Rights and Rep. Shea passed out fliers to local residents.

You can see the video below.

You can

Live from Yelm! It is time to hold Rep. Wilcox accountable for stabbing Rep. Shea in the back. Contact Rep. Wilcox and tell him to apologize and reinstate Rep. Shea immediately!360-786-7912j.t.wilcox@leg.wa.gov

Posted by Washington Gun Rights on Friday, January 17, 2020
Washington Gun Rights Political Director Greg Pruett Speaks About Rep. Wilcox’s Attack on Rep. Shea!

Do you support Rep. Wilcox’s attacks on Rep. Shea?

Or do you believe that Rep. Wilcox should bring Rep. Shea back into the caucus and put him back on his committee assignments?

Contact Rep. Wilcox today and tell him to apologize to Rep. Shea today and get him back to his previous committees and positions!
Phone: 360-786-7912

23 thoughts on “Gun Owners in Washington Drop Surprise on Rep. Wilcox for Attacks on Rep. Shea!”

    1. Ward and Carol Larsen, I agree with you. Who is this Rep Wilcox to put any elected person out of anywhere?? Sounds like a DICTATOR TO ME, AND SHOULD BE THROWN OUT OF THAT SEAT.

    1. Rep Wilcox, you have no right putting another Rep out of anywhere, who the hell are you? I am a gun owner, and dont like you at all.

    1. Rep Wilcox, you have crossed over the line by putting Rep Matt Shea out of the meeting, you should have been arrested for assault. We dont like Dictators in America.

  1. The good Patriots of Washington and other states need to take close notes to keep track of those politicians on either side of the isle who would put us all in critical harms way of losing our 2nd A rights.
    We need to use social media just as you are doing to expose the traitors of the United States Constitution.
    Thankyou Greg Pruitt for having our 6!

  2. How are you calling yourself a Republican and you side with the left? Stop persecuting Matt Shae! Do not side with the leftist, Communists, Democrats! You need to support and defend our rights, including the 2nd amendment! Restore Matt Shae and apologize to him. All Republicans who side with the democrats should be run out of office!

    1. Nick Brawn, I agree with you who does this Rep Wilcox think he is anyway. I am a gun owner, and would never vote for a gun grabber.

  3. The 2nd Amendment as well as all our Amendments are sacred to all United States citizens. It is a travesty liberals continue to subvert the Constitution and due process. You need to accept the citizens beliefs who have elected you. Gun rights are important to all of us who use them legally. They are simply a tool for self defense and recreation, and our rights should not be infringed. We, as legal to use citizens, should not be disarmed by those who believe differently. Magazine capacity, non-defined weapon style (assault weapons), and other restrictions should not be implemented as they do not accomplish anything positive as far as weapon violence. Law breakers will continue to commit their crime no matter what the laws are and the negative effects to our unarmed citizens far outweighs any possible belief that gun restrictions could possibly accomplish. Thank you for consideration for all citizens of our great State.

  4. Put your big boy panties back on and the right thing. Apologize and represent those of us who believe in the 2nd amendment and won’t give up our guns or concealed weapon license.

  5. Put your big boy panties back on and the right thing. Apologize and represent those of us who believe in the 2nd amendment and won’t give up our guns or concealed weapon license.

  6. I am just waiting for a prosecutor that has the balls to charge you with exceeding the authority of your office – maybe TREASON

  7. The PRIMARY PROMISE of ALL whom have sworn an Oath of Office, is to UPHOLD/DEFEND The Constitutions of the United States of America and the State of Washington AND the Bill of Rights. ANY AND ALL WORDS, OR ACTS, INTENDED TO HAVE EVEN A CHILLING EFFECT ON THE RIGHTS OF THE PEOPLE, VIOLATES THAT OATH!

    #Treason #MoralPerjury #EnemiesOfTheUnitedStates #EnemiesOfTheStateOfWashington!

  8. It is not J.T. Wilcox’s place to do what he did. It exceeds his authority. Unless he can specifically cite the law that grants him the authority to oust Representative Shea, J.T. needs to stand down. In addition, as an elected official representing the Republican party, J.T. needs to abide by and advocate for that which is written in the Republican platform, which he is not doing at present.

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