Gun Raffle to Help Small Businesses Irks Moms Demand Action in Alabama

The North Baldwin, Alabama Chamber of Commerce is doing a raffle for 10 firearms to help small businesses hurt by the Coronavirus shutdown.

Of course, the gun control advocates from Moms Demand Action were not pleased with the giveaway.

From ABC 3340 News:

“In the mornings, we’ll be giving away 10 different prizes. It’ll be gear, Yeti cups, fishing rods, and things like that. In the afternoons, we’ll be giving away a gun every day,” said Cameron Lewis, Membership Development Manager for the North Baldwin Chamber of Commerce.

Lewis said revenue from the hundreds of people who purchased a $50 ticket will go toward a relief program for small businesses impacted by COVID-19.

But not everyone is comfortable with the winnings.

Donna Orchard is the leader of the Baldwin County chapter of Mom’s Demand Action, a national group calling for stricter gun laws. She worries the firearms could end up in the wrong hands.

“Why are we giving guns out as prizes? I don’t understand that. I’m concerned that every gun we’re giving away has a federal background check,” said Orchard.

A simple understanding of the laws in Alabama would tell Moms Demand Action that the firearms are being purchased through Outdoor Addiction.

Of course, because it is a brick and mortar store there will be a background check to get the firearm for each customer who wins.

Unfortunately, the truth is unlike to make a difference to Moms Demand Action. They want the 2nd Amendment gone and no giveaway or raffle is ever going to be acceptable to them.

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