Gun Rallies in Idaho and Washington Soon!

Virginia just held the largest gun rally in U.S. history.

Estimates are that somewhere between 20,000 to 50,000 gun owners attended the rally.

Gun owners across the country are showing their support for the right to keep and bear arms and the gun grabbers may have awoken the “sleeping giant” for 2020.

Out west, two more gun rallies are planned in Washington and Idaho.

In Washington, the “March for Our Rights” rally is scheduled for Friday, January 31st, in Olympia at 11 a.m.

Organizers are asking participants to meet at Sylvester Park where they will then march to the capitol.

For those attending in Washington, open carry is legal. Concealed carry with a permit is also legal.

In Idaho, the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance has announced an “Emergency Pro-2A Rally at the Capitol” on Wednesday, February 5th at 9 a.m.

Participants are asked to meet on the “1st-floor rotunda” inside the capitol building where Idaho Second Amendment Alliance President Greg Pruett will address the crowd.

Gun owners attending are also asked to schedule meetings with their legislators to encourage them to cosponsor pro-gun legislation being considered in Idaho this year.

The ISAA has also asked rally-goers to make signs supporting Constitutional Carry Expansion, Stand-Your-Ground Expansion, Firearm Preemption Expansion, and School Carry.

In Idaho, it is legal to open or concealed carry (no permits needed) inside the capitol building.

Be sure to share this article with folks you know in Washington and Idaho so they can support the 2nd Amendment in their respective states.