Hundreds of Idaho Gun Owners Rally Inside Capitol!

Hundreds of gun owners in Idaho rallied on Wednesday morning, despite a snowstorm that was underway.

Idaho has come under attack recently from a radical-left mayor in Sandpoint trying to push ‘gun-free- zones as well as Michael Bloomberg’s Moms Demand Action trying to stifle pro-2nd Amendment bills in the capitol.

Bloomberg also recently set up a campaign office in Idaho!

Members of the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance held a 2nd Amendment rally to counter the gun-grabbers efforts.

Nearly 200 Idaho gun owners met with legislators to encourage them to pass an expanded Constitutional Carry.

Not only did these gun owners show up in the snow, but they also showed up on a weekday and at 9:00 a.m.!

They told legislators to oppose ‘gun-free’ zones.

Finally, they told them that this year was the time for gun owners to stick it to the gun grabbers. They don’t want Idaho to be the next Virginia.

Gun owners from all walks of life attended the rally.

Of course, it didn’t matter to the gun grabbers who loved to paint every gun rally as a “white-supremacist” rally.

Rep. Christy Zito addressed the crowd and told them that Idaho can’t be complacent with their rights.

Former Representative Karey Hanks announced that she would be running for office again to help Idaho better defend the 2nd Amendment.

Idaho Second Amendment Alliance President Greg Pruett told the crowd that it is an election year, and gun owners have to hold legislators accountable.

Idaho is most certainly not immune to the madness of the left.

Idahoans should learn from the gun owners in Oregon and Washington. If you don’t protect your freedoms, they will be lost.

Here’s hoping that Idaho can make progress on the fight to restore the 2nd Amendment this year.