Idaho, A Beacon for Gun Owners

These days, it doesn’t see as though there is much to celebrate on the pro-2nd Amendment front.

States continue to pass Red Flag laws and the U.S. Supreme Court refuses to take up 2nd Amendment issues.

A couple in St. Louis, Missouri who became famous for defending their property against a mob of rioters is now facing potential charges. Is there no bright spots for gun owners these days?

Idaho may be one of the few places where gun owners are claiming victories.

In 2016 Idaho became just the 9th state to pass what is commonly called Constitutional Carry.

Since then, Idaho has passed a codified stand-your-ground law, defeated a number of gun control measures, and expanded Constitutional Carry, twice!

Gun owners in Idaho have also tossed out a number of politicians who did not side with the 2nd Amendment 100%.

Idaho became a full Constitutional Carry state on July 1st, 2020 which means that all Americans can carry their firearms concealed in Idaho with no permit from the government.

Part of the reason a state like Idaho is seeing success is due in large part to the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance.

The NRA continues to struggle financially and has seen its power wane at the state level as scandals from the top continue to plague the organization.

Additionally, the NRA’s stances on some major political issues continue to hurt the organization. Their recent support of expanded background checks, Red Flag laws, and other gun control measures are hurting their membership efforts.

Those compromises have led to a large effort by gun owners to create no-compromise organizations like the ISAA.

When the ISAA began its efforts in 2012, Idaho was ranked 32nd on Guns and Ammo’s annual list of pro-gun state rankings.

Now, just eight years later, Idaho ranks as the 2nd most pro-gun friendly state in the country!

Meanwhile, Oregon and Washington continue their downward spirals for gun owners. Many of them are fleeing these socialist states and heading to more gun-friendly ones.

A flood of new Idahoans from these two states continues to grow.

Of course, if Idaho falls then there isn’t anywhere else for gun owners to go.

Idaho is truly one of the last places for gun owners to seek refuge. If you find yourself moving to Idaho, or already in the state itself, be sure you are involved in helping the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance grow.

You can join the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance by going to JOINISAA.COM and becoming a member today.

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