Idaho Extends Constitutional Carry to All Americans

While Oregon and Washington gun owners fight constant attacks on gun rights, there is one state who is shining like a beacon for gun owners in the Northwest.

Idaho is one of the most pro-2nd Amendment states in the country.

At this time, Idaho is ranked 2nd in the Guns and Ammo state rankings for pro-gun states.

Now, Idaho Governor Brad Little, just signed a bill (HB 516) into law that extends Constitutional Carry to all Americans!

This marks the 2nd time that Idaho has extended its Constitutional Carry law.

Last year, Rep. Christy Zito led a successful effort to lower the age limit to 18-years-old throughout the state for Constitutional Carry.

This year, she led the effort to extend Constitutional Carry to all Americans.

While gun owners from outside of Idaho could already carry outside of city limits with no permit, HB 516 extended that ability to inside of city limits as well.

Rep. Zito and the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance have been working to make Idaho the best Constitutional Carry state for years.

Rep. Christy Zito (R – Dist. 23)

Now, it appears they have achieved that goal.

Not only is Idaho’s age limit set at 18-years-old for Constitutional Carry, but they also have no residency requirement.

In response to the Governor signing the bill, Rep. Zito said, “This is a great day for Idaho and for all Americans. The 2nd Amendment is our permit. Having a permit requirement inside city limits for non-Idahoans was illogical and unconstitutional.”

North Dakota and Wyoming remain the only states where Constitutional Carry applies to residents only.

In a year with very little victories for gun owners, Idaho continues to lead the way.

The law goes into effect on July 1st, 2020.