Idaho Extends Constitutional Carry to All Americans

While Oregon and Washington gun owners fight constant attacks on gun rights, there is one state who is shining like a beacon for gun owners in the Northwest.

Idaho is one of the most pro-2nd Amendment states in the country.

At this time, Idaho is ranked 2nd in the Guns and Ammo state rankings for pro-gun states.

Now, Idaho Governor Brad Little, just signed a bill (HB 516) into law that extends Constitutional Carry to all Americans!

This marks the 2nd time that Idaho has extended its Constitutional Carry law.

Last year, Rep. Christy Zito led a successful effort to lower the age limit to 18-years-old throughout the state for Constitutional Carry.

This year, she led the effort to extend Constitutional Carry to all Americans.

While gun owners from outside of Idaho could already carry outside of city limits with no permit, HB 516 extended that ability to inside of city limits as well.

Rep. Zito and the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance have been working to make Idaho the best Constitutional Carry state for years.

Rep. Christy Zito (R – Dist. 23)

Now, it appears they have achieved that goal.

Not only is Idaho’s age limit set at 18-years-old for Constitutional Carry, but they also have no residency requirement.

In response to the Governor signing the bill, Rep. Zito said, “This is a great day for Idaho and for all Americans. The 2nd Amendment is our permit. Having a permit requirement inside city limits for non-Idahoans was illogical and unconstitutional.”

North Dakota and Wyoming remain the only states where Constitutional Carry applies to residents only.

In a year with very little victories for gun owners, Idaho continues to lead the way.

The law goes into effect on July 1st, 2020.

51 thoughts on “Idaho Extends Constitutional Carry to All Americans”

      1. Yes! Idaho was already and open carry state, and they have now rolled to a constitutional concealed for anyone in the state not just a legal resident.
        A lot iof us in washington, oregon, montana, and utah travel in and out of idaho regularly. And we were always told we needed to have our home states concealed license/permit to carry concealed within idaho.

        1. Everyone has bad credit. Everyone are becoming Felons. Everyone should be allowed to carry. Even Felons. A Felon can vote in Texas but can’t carry a weapon. Second Amendment. Everyone has the right to bare arms. EVERYONE!

          1. Bad credit isn’t a felony. A great deterrent to not being a felon. Great law👍✝️🇺🇸

    1. Way to go Idaho. It seems that governor has her priorities in order. I bet the crime rate is pretty low. Now we just need the rest of the country to fallow suit.

      1. If I am not mistaken the Governor of Idaho had to use her gun that’s why she is for guns so much because her gun saved her life and her two or one daughters. I believe she was walking back to her car with her kids and notice two or three guys following her. She got her kids in the car and locked the doors and the guys were trying to break into the car. She started calling 911 and as she was on the phone with them she grab her gun and showed it to the guys and the left right away. Now I am not sure this is that Governor but I think for how pro gun she is I believe it was her.

        1. Sorry I was wrong not the governor it was Rep. Zito that had that happen to her.

          “I stand here before you today as a mother and grandmother who has had to use a firearm to defend their child,” Zito said. She said two men once approached her vehicle with her daughter inside.

          “Even though I didn’t have to pull the trigger, just the fact that they could see it, and they knew that I had it, was the determining factor,” Zito said.

      2. How about a statute of limitations on non violent felonies over 30 years ago so a law abiding person can hunt or protect themselves.

        1. I do agree with you that there should be something done about making it legal for you to protect your home and be able to feed your family no matter what you have done in the past as long as it doesn’t pertain to a violent crime. I have always thought this was a bad law passed and should be corrected.

      1. Idaho permits certain convicted felons to possess firearms. However, in order to do so, the crime must have been non-violent AND the felon must petition the court and have their rights reinstated, ONLY after waiting a minimum of 5 years AFTER serving their sentence.

    2. We all need to show up at House and Senate hearings, write letters (often pre-written by your local or fed 2A organizations, so it’s easy!), contribute on a MONTHLY basis to local and national 2A organizations (ex: in Idaho ISAA -Idaho Second Amendment Assoc, national GOA -Gun Owners of AmericaI), show up at rallys, and speak out online.

      This didn’t happen because Idahoans were complacent or thought “other people” would make monthly donations to ISAA, show up, speak up, and write. It happened because many did. I am one of them. Shout out to to Christy Zito, Greg Pruitt of ISAA, and other Idahoan organizations.

      JMHO: pick a mantra that is true and hard for the Left to argue against. Mine is GUN RIGHTS ARE WOMEN’S RIGHTS. Rep. Zito and I both spoke at the Idaho House committee on this aspect.

      Don’t be passive. Much can also be done from home: donate, write, post!

    3. I’m a Wisconsin Resident with Wisconsin CCW and a Utah Non Resident Permit.
      Can I carry Open and CCW in your state ?
      Can a Non Resident get a CCW Permit ?
      If so which states would that include.
      Thank you

    4. Congrats Idaho. You finally enjoy the Freedoms held by the Free Citizens of Vermont since the birth of the Republic.
      No free man should require a permission slip to exercise a Right. Sadly, only Vermont has Always recognized that fact.

  1. I wish I could move to your fine state. Thank you for inspiring this 2nd Amendment supporter from Massachusetts!

  2. The 2nd Ammendment is the only permit any US Citizen should need in any state across our country.

    Thank you for all the hard work to bring Idaho in compliance with the 2nd Ammendment!

      1. “No more outsiders,” I hope that you consistently showed up, labored as much as I (a newer Idahoan) and many others did to help push this legislation through at all levels, legislation from which we all–including you–benefit, even if indirectly. (Not self-congratulatory, merely making a point.)

        The reality is that people are going to come. You can dishearten and dissuade 2A supporters from moving here, but in time you’ll be living in a blue state b/c that’s the trend. Welcoming people of like mind is smart and a check on the increasing skew toward blue tyranny. Unchecked, the winners will be those who despise and work to (and vote to) destroy the Bill of Rights in the great state of Idaho.

  3. I am strongly considering moving to Idaho, my father in law lives there, and Washington states governor is not an American and wants to ban guns.

  4. It’s too bad that people have let the government make them think that a pistol permit is legal. If you’re a law abiding citizen you don’t need their permission to exercise your rights. Any unconstitutional law is null and void

  5. I live here in Boise, Idaho and am period of this great state and it’s leadership, I feel blessed.

  6. Sorry, typo, it’s early here. I’m proud of this great state and it’s leadership, is what I meant to say.

    1. Glad you’re not on your period. Ha. Idaho does seem to be a free state that values it’s American citizens. I wish Oregon had half of the common sense that Idaho and Brad Little have.

      1. If Idaho really valued the Constitution or Declaration of Independence, they would not allow annual property taxes on real estate. There could be a one time sales tax, but a manual property tax makes you a caretaker not a property owner.

  7. Thank you Gov. Little, Rep. Zito and mr. Pruitt for standing up for the our Constitution and the 2nd Amendment. I moved out of Ca. because our rights and taxes were being abused. God Bless Idaho where violent crime is next to nil! Kudos!

  8. To my fellow Idahoans…..if you have not joined with us at the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance, I strongly urge you to do so immediately. Because io the hard work and financial backing of the members of ISAA and the tireless work of Representative Zito, Idaho now has the strongest Constitutional Carry laws in the USA!

    NRA LIFE/Benefactor member, ISAA LIFE member, SASS LIFE member, Idaho Rifle and Pistol Association member

  9. Way to set the high standards for the 2nd amendment!! Wish other state’s would follow your example!! Like Washington and Oregon and others!!

  10. Proud to Live in the mountains of Idaho. I hope Sandpoint Idaho takes notice of this and they are currently trying to wage a gun policy which clearly contradicts this new law.

  11. Congratulations Idaho !!! Now if you could only show Nevada what it means to be an American. On another note – to the NRA… Git off your POLITICAL HIGH horse and start doing what you proclaim to be doing. Stop selling out!!!

  12. This is a great bill that has been passed. Now all we need to work on is legalizing medical marijuana and completely abolishing abortion. Do those 2 things and this would be THE PERFECT state

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