Idaho: Gun Grabbers Celebrate Victory Over 2nd Amendment

It isn’t every day that gun grabbers get the upper-hand in Idaho.

Idaho’s legislature is 80% Republican and in theory, gun grabbers should have no influence.

Sadly, today proved that theory incorrect.

Three Republican State Senators voted with Democrats to kill a school carry bill!

SB 1384 would have allowed teachers and other school officials to carry on school grounds with an enhanced carry license.

Rep. Chad Christensen (R – Ammon) worked for two years on the bill. He also worked with Senator Lakey (R – Nampa) and Rep. Boyle (R- Midvale).

The bill was narrowed down several times to appears law enforcement and school lobbyist groups.

Unfortunately, those groups still opposed the bill.

With so-called “gun-free school zones” failing miserably across the country, a movement is underway by gun owners to ensure teachers who want to be armed can protect themselves and their students.

However, the issue has also drawn the ire of gun-grabbers who insist on maintaining “gun-free zones.” They insist on maintaining the deadly status quo.

SB 1384 saw its fair share of doom and gloom scenarios from the radical-left Moms Demand Action.

Sadly, their opposition is expected at these hearings and so are the lies and deceit they spread.

The big surprise though came when three Republican Senators on the State Affairs Committee joined the Democrats in killing the bill.

The committee is made up of seven Republicans and two Democrats.

This means that Republicans could afford to lose two votes. Two Republicans were expected to vote against the measure.

Senator Brent Hill (R-Rexburg) is retiring this year and had nothing to lose.

Generally, outgoing Republicans seem to feel confident in voting against good pro-gun bills because they no longer need to fear losing their jobs.

Sadly, Senator Lodge (R-Huston,) the Chairman of the Committee, is a former educator and seemed to be working against the bill several times throughout the two-day ordeal.

At one point she gleefully read a letter from a teacher who hated SB 1384.

Unfortunately, Sen. Lodge claimed more government-mandated training should be required.

Her “no” vote on the school carry bill is sure to invigorate her primary opponent Zach Brooks. Brooks served as the former Idaho Second Amendment Alliance Chairman.

He responded to Senator Lodge’s vote in a statement to Northwest Gun News saying, “It’s a shame that Senator Lodge chose to side with the unwarranted fears of the anti-gun group Moms Demand Action, rather than the responsible gun owners in her district and all of Idaho. Not only would I have voted for this bill, but I would have been a sponsor.”

The final “no” vote from the Republicans was perhaps the biggest surprise.

Senator Souza (R – Coeur d’Alene) joined Lodge in demanding that more training be required before she will “allow” teachers to defend themselves.

The 5-4 vote to kill the bill is sure to anger gun owners across Idaho.

Sadly, it is also going to inspire the gun-grabbing Moms Demand Action who lied about what the bill would do. Their doom and gloom scenarios and stories are the same for every bill.

They were excited on social media and touting their defeat of the NRA in Idaho.

Idaho’s gun owners must ask how any Republican can vote against this bill. How did three Republicans stand with gun grabbers in opposing it?

Who will hold them accountable for their vote?

With Sen. Hill retiring and Sen. Souza not having a primary opponent, only Sen. Lodge can be removed by voters this May.

Time will tell if Idahoans are willing to let the vote fade into the background or will they fight to change the who is casting the votes in the first place.

Here is a breakdown of the vote:

Yes Votes: Anthon, Harris, Vick, Winder
No Votes: Lodge, Souza, Hill, Stennett, Buckner-Webb (Rohn)

2 thoughts on “Idaho: Gun Grabbers Celebrate Victory Over 2nd Amendment”

  1. Teachers have the same right to self-defense as everyone else. I’d gladly post bail for any school employee with a concealed weapon who saved children by stopping a killer.

  2. Why are police officers armed?
    How is a school environment any different? Why couldn’t legislators meet on advanced training?
    Do it again guys. Do it right this time.

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