Idaho Gun Owners Urge Gov. Little to Sign Pro-Gun Bill

The 2020 Idaho legislative session is now over.

However, the fight for gun owners is not yet complete.

HB 516, the final piece of Constitutional Carry in Idaho, still needs the help of Idaho’s gun owners.

The bill is currently awaiting the signature of Gov. Brad Little.

Gov. Little has nearly 100 bills that must be signed. One of those bills, HB 516, is under attack from gun grabbers.

Moms Demand Action and Everytown for gun safety are uring him to kill the bill and the hard work Rep. Christy Zito (R-23) put into passing it.

Meanwhile, gun owners with the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance are uring Gov. Little to sign the bill as quickly as possible.

At a time of crisis, the restoration of gun rights is crucial.

Gun owners in Idaho should immediately contact Gov. Little using the advocacy tool available to them.

Simply click the link here to send Gov. Little a pre-written email urging him to sign HB 516.

The deadline for the bill to be signed is Tuesday, March 31st.

So, what does HB 516 do exactly?

Simply put, HB 516 expands Constitutional Carry in Idaho for all Americans inside city limits.

Currently, Americans from other states can carry concealed without a permit while outside of city limits or while they are in their vehicles. However, if they leave their cars while they are inside city limits they are breaking the law unless they have a permit.

If signed into law, HB 516 will make Idaho one of, if not the best, Constitutional Carry state in the country.

Last year, Idaho lowered the age limit for Constitutional Carry down to 18-years-old and over!

At a time when some states in the Northwest, like Oregon and Washington, are attacking gun rights, it’s nice to see at least one state moving them forward.

The chart below shows what Idaho’s current Constitutional Carry law is.

The red “X” will be made into a a green checkmark if HB 516 is passed into law.