Idaho Republican Lawmaker Says He Supports Gun Confiscation Law

There is no hotter topic in the battle for the 2nd Amendment than Gun Confiscation Orders, better known as Red Flag laws.

Even the mention of the phrase is sure to anger gun owners.

The very idea that you can have your rights taken from you without due process should anger all Americans.

Idaho is one of the most pro-2nd Amendment states in the entire country. So, opposition to Red Flag laws is a campaign must for Republican lawmakers.

Sadly, one Idaho Republican lawmaker has made it known that he supports Red Flag laws or the confiscation of your guns without due process!

Rep. Rod Furniss (Republican – Rigby) let his constituents know on a Facebook comment that he favors the concept of Red Flag laws.

To date, he is the first Republican lawmaker in Idaho to make such a stance.

Several other Republican lawmakers have mentioned that they want to understand the laws better, but neither of them said they support them.

However, that’s exactly what Red Flag Rod said on his campaign page earlier this week.

His support of Red Flag laws comes as no surprise to the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance. Rep. Furniss also refused to sign a pledge last year to oppose any and all forms of these Gun Confiscation Orders.

What many lawmakers seem to be missing is that gun owners overwhelmingly oppose all forms of Red Flag laws.

There is no “acceptable” version of these gun confiscation schemes to any real supporter of the 2nd Amendment.

Red Flag laws are the most dangerous form of gun control in existence.

States with Red Flag laws continue to pass “expansions” of them. In some states, your neighbor, medical professional, school official, or disgruntled family member can turn you in.

Recently, a Colorado sheriff was “Red Flagged” by an inmate!

Thankfully, the judge denied the Red Flag order.

Even if Red Flag Rod has some version of a Red Flag law in mind with phony “protections” built into it, those protections would easily be removed.

Don’t forget, under any Red Flag law, your firearms are confiscated without ever being convicted of any crime. You are never arrested. You are never charged.

Sadly, you are not innocent until proven guilty.

The courts presume you’re guilty and you must pay to prove you are innocent!

This is not an acceptable stance for Idaho’s gun owners.

The question is, how many other Republican lawmakers in Idaho feel the same way as Red Flag Rod?

Idahoans may want to spend some time talking to their legislators and getting them on the record before the primary in May.

Ask your legislators whether or not there is any form of gun confiscation they would find acceptable. Don’t accept their dodgy and wishy-washy answers.

Get them to answer the question directly.

This is not an issue Idaho ever wants to see the light of day.