Idaho Republican State Senator Admits Hating Constitutional Carry?

In 2016 Idaho became the 9th state to pass what is commonly called Constitutional Carry.

When the legislature passed Senate Bill 1389, very few Republicans voted against the bill.

However, it was largely presumed that some legislators who voted for the bill only did so because they didn’t want to lose their jobs.

In Idaho, guns are a top priority for many voters in almost every district. This means that Republicans holding office in 2016 risked losing their jobs if they voted against Constitutional Carry.

Only four Republicans voted against the bill between the House and Senate.

Idaho Representative Christy Zito won her seat by defeating one of those Republicans in the 2016 Republican Primary. She ran a successful campaign as a champion of gun rights.

As Rep. Zito gears up to expand Idaho’s Constitutional Carry to include the ability of non-residents to carry concealed inside city limits without a permit, she is running into some potential opposition in the Idaho State Senate.

At a Twin Falls County Central Committee town hall meeting on December 11th, State Senator Lee Heider (Republican – District 24) let loose on Constitutional Carry.

It was all captured on video here:

Sen. Heider tells Rep. Zito he may not vote for her bill to expand Constitutional Carry.

After telling Rep. Zito he disagrees with Constitutional Carry, he told the crowd, “I don’t want everybody on the street to be able to carry concealed.”

This kind of arrogant and elitist attitude, about a right he has no power over, is despicable, especially coming from a State Senator in one of the most pro-gun friendly states in the country.

Senator Heider is the type of politician who votes for a pro-gun bill out of political necessity. The second he feels he can get away with a gun control vote, he’s the first in line to do so. This is why you must watch alleged pro-gun politicians with their votes, and with what they say in public.

Will this admission hurt Senator Heider’s re-election bid next year?

With the amount of gun control being pushed across the country right now, many Idaho gun owners may be leery of supporting a squishy Republican like Senator Heider.

Idaho gun owners have tossed many gun grabbing politicians from office before, after being exposed by the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance.

Time will tell if Senator Heider will see the same fate.