LaVerne Sessions, Idaho Candidate, Disses Idaho’s Gun Owners

Every election cycle Republican and Democrat candidates for office tell people how much they love the 2nd Amendment.

In places like Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana, the Republicans dominate the legislatures. Being pro-2nd Amendment, or at least pretending to be, is a must.

However, one candidate in Idaho decided to dog Idaho’s largest grassroots gun rights group.

LaVerne Sessions from Salmon, Idaho refused to return the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance candidate survey!

Sessions, who is a Republican running to unseat current incumbent Republican Representative Dorothy Moon, made a series of posts labeling the ISAA as a “3rd party special interest group.”

So, if the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance is a “special interest group” then certainly LaVerne also refused to return the NRA survey right? Afterall, the NRA is also a “special interest” group.

If you were expecting LaVerne to be honest with her constituents and consistent in her responses, you would be wrong.

LaVerne boasted about her NRA rating on Facebook at the same time she was trashing Idaho’s local gun group.

LaVerne claims she won’t be beholden to special interest groups and yet she filled out the NRA survey? It should be noted that she didn’t return the NRA survey until well after the deadline.

Often candidates who are weak on the 2nd Amendment refuse to return the surveys or do so after the deadlines and only do so after public pressure to return them.

So, why did LaVerne feel that the NRA survey was not a “special interest” but the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance survey was? She’s clearly putting weight behind the NRA rating over what the local gun owners think of her stances.

Maybe what LaVerne meant to say was that she only cares about big D.C. lobby groups and their money over what her local people think and care about?

Interestingly, LaVerne took a shot at the Young Americans for Liberty political arm, Make America Win, and claimed that their endorsement of Rep. Dorothy Moon was of no value because they are based in Virginia.

First, LaVerne says she won’t return the ISAA survey because they are a “special interest” group. Second, she attacks Young Americans for Liberty because they are based out of Virginia.

Yet, LaVerne filled out the NRA survey and where is the NRA headquartered again? Virginia!

So, either LaVerne is being hypocritical with her potential constituents or she is lying to them.

The voters in District 8, which covers towns like Salmon, Emmett, and McCall, deserve an explanation from LaVerne.

Rep. Dorothy Moon has answered the ISAA survey with 100% pro-2nd Amendment answers. She has also co-sponsored all ISAA bills and voted for every pro-2nd Amendment bill in the capitol.

The same can not be said of Laverne Sessions.

Finally, it should be noted that the Lemhi County Democrats urged their members to switch parties for the Republican Primary and vote for LaVerne.

We are not claiming that LaVerne is a Democrat but it is interesting that they are encouraging their people to vote for her.

Who will the voters in District 8 choose?