Leftist Sandpoint, Idaho Mayor Working to Pass ‘Gun-Free’ Zones!

The battle over the War Memorial Field in Sandpoint, Idaho rages on.

At the heart of the battle is Idaho’s state preemption law, and whether or not a city or county, who does not have the authority to regulate the possession of firearms themselves, can give power to a private entity to do it.

The issue came to a head last year when the “Festival at Sandpoint” decided to set up checkpoints to ensure that concert-goers were disarmed.

The city said it wasn’t their decision but used the Sandpoint Police Department to help enforce the Festival at Sandpoint’s disarmament checkpoints.

Sandpoint’s Mayor, Shelby Rognstad, refused to recognize Idaho’s preemption statute and their limitations as a city.

Bonner County Sheriff Daryl Wheeler and the Bonner County Commissioners then filed suit against the city for the violation.

That suit is still ongoing.

Now, leftist-Mayor Rognstad is not only willing to continue to defend the city’s decision, but he also wants to create more ‘gun-free’ killing zones in Idaho.

On a post to his Facebook social media account, Mayor Rognstad told the citizens of Sandpoint he is working with legislators and the Idaho Association of Cities to change Idaho’s firearm preemption law to allow the banning of firearms during certain events.

When we asked Idaho State Representative Christy Zito what she thought about Rognstad’s proposal, she said, “I will never support creating more soft targets for killers and criminals to harm our citizens. I will work with the gun owners to do everything I can to stop a push for ‘gun-free’ zones in Idaho!

We have warned that Idaho is not immune from the radical gun-grabbers who have overrun Oregon, Washington, and California.

Moms Demand Action recently held a “lobby day” at the Idaho capitol in Boise.

Now, the Idaho Association of Cities of which Rognstad is a Board Member, is trying to help gun-grabbers push more gun control into Idaho?

The Idaho Second Amendment Alliance will oppose every single effort to push ‘gun-free’ zones in Idaho, and we will remind legislator’s constituents at election time if they decide to turn their back on gun owners,” said ISAA President Greg Pruett.

Mr. Pruett also encouraged gun owners in Idaho to call Mayor Rognstad and tell him to stop his ‘gun-free’ zone efforts, and to apologize to gun owners for the proposal.

You can reach Mayor Rognstad at 208-263-3310.

What do you think? Should Idaho’s cities be able to ban firearms on public property? Let us know in the comments below.

51 thoughts on “Leftist Sandpoint, Idaho Mayor Working to Pass ‘Gun-Free’ Zones!”

    1. I am a Vietnam veteran and if he has never been in the service and shot at he will never know who the enemy is. He needs to look at history what dictators done in the past, millions killed because they couldn’t defend themselves.

    2. The mayor is a leftist, what do you expect. Leftist are IDIOT’S, and should all be shipped to Russia, N. Korea or China. Better yet Afganistan; try to change their laws to accomplish their ideals, they would mysteriously disappear. I wish the County residents could cast their votes for city mayors, they would not be in office now. That idiot mayor is ruining Sandpoint. Liberals should stay in California, where they belong. They’ve totally ruined that state. I spent my entire life in law enforcement and the Military, where the majority are conservative’s who truly care about this country. If the left were to get back in power; EVERY INDIVIDUAL SINCE THE REVOLUTIONARY WAR WHO FOUGHT AND DIED FOR THIS COUNTRY WILL HAVE FOUGHT AND DIED FOR NOTHING. I for one am not going to let that happen.

      1. Amen
        Form a Conservative living in ground zero California and yes most rural California is conservative 4 counties run this state. So far I’m staying here to fight.

    1. I think most of the new people running Sandpoint are actually from Washington.
      That new reign that’s taken over Sandpoint has ruined it.

    2. Is this guy from California? How the hell did he get voted in? Idaho is red and needs to remain red. Do not vote for any democrats.

  1. Leave IDAHO alone, leave our 2nd amendment rights alone. These politicians work for us! They need to be reminded we the people put them in office and we can vote them out! Idahoans VOTE RED, get rid of these free loaders

    1. No way! Do not try to infringe on our 2nd Amendment! And I agree, leave Idaho alone! We will stand up and fight for our rights. We need it now more than ever! Take your leftist ideas and say Bye Bye!

  2. I think we need to the festival as a gun free zone. It’s growing every year and I wouldn’t feel safe, especially with alcohol being served. I always appreciate it when going to The Arena in Spokane or The Knitting Factory or any concert event when they search our bags and frisk us. There are definitely places and events that are at a higher risk for danger and we need to be thoughtful and considerate about it. I strongly support gun rights but we need to think clearly about this issue. I won’t attend if guns are allowed.

    1. Freedom is vital to the success of this country. Once the second amendment is stripped from the people, the rest of the constitution will follow. To all those who agree, I would strongly suggest we boycott events like this. If people are concerned about alcohol and carrying, it is against the law to be in possession of a firearm and intoxicated. Just like drinking and driving. If you are worried about that you should probably stop driving and start walking everywhere.

    2. You know that people who are carrying cannot drink while carrying.
      Why would you not feel safe there if people are carrying?
      Do you feel unsafe standing next to a police officer?

    3. That is your right, but responsible gun owners do NOT mix alcohol and firearms. If you want to be a victim then that is your choice. I choose to be the Shepard and not the sheep.

    4. Your feelings do not override my constitutional rights. If you want to be a victim that is fine. I will be a shepherd of my fellow people against those that would do harm.

    5. It doesn’t appear you do care about guns. And btw it’s illegal to be in possession of a firearm while consuming alcohol, and responsible owners follow that. We will not support laws that created the Las Vegas tradegy #Molon Labe

      1. Wait, I’m not saying I agree or disagree with anything said in this but do you really think the vegas shooting would have been prevented if people were carrying? Just hundreds blindly shooting in the air at a place they THINK the shooter is?

    6. Good. Stay home and be afraid of inanimate objects.
      Just as a reminder, Washington is a different state than Idaho, with different laws. That’s why you are frisked for weapons over there. Perhaps it would be a good idea for you to go over there instead, where everyone can be disarmed and you will be “safe“.

  3. Working to pass gun free zones?
    Did I miss something for this to be put into place? …. is this a power Trip? He feels he’s above the Constitution of the United States? He actually got elected to be the Mayor of Sandpoint? Did he fail History? Or just doesn’t have any common sense? If you don’t feel safe…move away, learn self defense, or don’t go.

  4. The Mayor of Sandpoint does not have any legal standing in this case or creating more gun free zones. The Idaho Constitution is very clear about the right to keep and bear arms and the Idaho Supreme Court ruled that Open Carry cannot be restricted or regulated by the State, Cities, Counties, or any other state entity. The Case is Brickey of November 15, 1902. The city of Sandpoint does not have the authority to restrict Open Carry of firearms and therefor cannot grant that right to a private organization to do so on city property. Just for clarification, it is only illegal to be intoxicated while carrying concealed, not when Open Carrying. You may ask why? It goes right back to the Supreme Court ruling that clearly says the State cannot regulate the Open Carry of arms.

  5. This mayor, and every leftist like him with goals like this, are blatantly ignoring the Constitution and attempting to invalidate it! My hope is that the legislators, and people of Idaho (where I lived for a long time), will not allow this to happen! Further, all the leftists with these radical socialistic views, need to be recalled!!!!!

    1. We need to come together and remove these leftist politicians from our local government.
      Perhaps a political action group specifically for that purpose?

  6. Then you need to think clearly about this: First and foremost, our rights come from God. No man or government can take them away. The founders acknowledged this and rightfuly included our rights to protect ourselves in the constitution. Gun confiscation at our local music festival is a slippery slope that leads to total disarmament and the erosion of all our God given rights in the Constitution. Without this right, the whole Constitution falls. Secondly, SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED means even at music festivals. Take the mass killings in “gun free zones”. Psyco killers choose these zones because they can shoot a bunch of unarmed people like fish in a barrel without the threat of getting shot back. By the time the police respond, you will have gasped your last breath wishing someone was there to stop the killer(s). You are well protected from any shooting by as many armed citizens as you can get. Why do you think that the crime rate here is so low? Could it be that the criminals don’t know who is packing so they must assume everyone is? Uhhh, yep. That, and the fact that legal gun carrying citizens aren’t the ones committing crimes. It happens to be a FBI statistic that the crime rates are basically zero when citizens are armed. In so called gun free zones, only those who obey the law (the good guys) are disarmed, leaving the criminals and thugs free to carjack, rape and murder at will. With all due respect, it sounds as if you may not get out much. Please feel free to visit a large major city with criminal infested “gun free” ghettos for your your next music festival to see how anti gun laws work against us in real life. Actually, don’t. It’s not safe. I wouldn’t wish that on any friend or neighbor. Let’s work together to keep Idaho safe. Don’t drink the Kool Aid. If we loose our guns, we loose our freedom, then our country. And it all starts here at the music festival.

  7. You are a product of your upbringing. We believe that we have the right to bear arms. I am sorry you feel that disarming Idaho’s People at certain events in your town is right. However what happens when you have a big event and all the people are disarmed. It’s like waving a red flag at a bull. Would you even care if that event was attacked and people killed.

  8. We have the right to bear arms. The idea of taking this right away makes no sense at all. This is part of our constitution. It should never be changed. You take the right to bear arms away You will be left with criminals with guns and no upstanding citizens that can defend themselves. The thought of this is a crime in itself.

  9. Sandpoint is located in Bonner County. It is an island of blue in a sea of red. The mayor and the city council are red diaper doper babies. Most of the school district employees are libtards and they reside in Sandpoint. Most of the downtown businesses are owned by libtards so they cater to their own kind. Shelby is a legend in his own mind and as is the case with most libtards he is trying to run some corrupt scams to provide public money to his spouse and his cronies. Don’t pay him too much attention. He’s a pimple on North Idaho’s arse.

  10. He needs to go. It is not the gun that causes damage, it is the person behind the gun and it will always be unpredictable when someone may use a weapon to cause harm, and if/when that day should come, we have the right to shoot back. Take that away and we are target practice. This is a horrible idea and this Mayor who “refused to recognize Idaho’s preemption statute and their limitations as a city.” is a disgrace. What else will he refuse to recognize if he gets away with this? BIG NO.

  11. Time to stand in front of his desk,podium,house,business and kick some ass. DO NOT LET THIS STAND! ITS A SLIPPERY SLOPE,do not allow this camel’s nose in.

  12. Our Country, the State of Idaho, and Sandpoint in particular has lived by the Second Amendment for long time. Now the the Tinkerbell Libtards have control, safety and Gun Control are an issue. Making soft targets and gun free zones is not the answer! Look at Chicago or any other Metropolitan area, how has Gun Control worked for them?

  13. My brother had multiple guns which have been in our family for years.. all the time without incident. Recently he chose to step out of this world and he used a gun to help him. The gun was not the problem his broken heart was.. maybe we should spend more time and effort on people helping people than
    Worrying about trying to take this type of weapon away. It might case a lot less problems and help a few more people.

  14. This is a horrifying slippery slope. We do NOT need any gun-free zones anywhere in Idaho. Statistics and FACTS demonstrate irrefutably that people are certainly NOT safer in so-called “gun-free” zones. They are more like an invitation to criminals. Look at states that have clearly established and respected Second Amendment rights, such as Maine, and they have the lowest gun incidences of crime. In leftist liberal cities where gun-control is in effect, there are incidences of gun violence and gun death DAILY (Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore…)!!! It is preposterous to propose that Sandpoint (of all places) needs a gun restricttion. There is nothing to justify this. This is nothing more than the proverbial “salesman” who gets his duplicitous foot through the door, and all hell will follow. This heinously conspicuous SCHEME is brazenly part of the leftist playbook, which is to gradually but steadily erode our Constitutional rights. THIS MAN IS NOT FIT FOR OFFICE AS THE MAYOR OF SANDPOINT.
    He is part of the infestation encroaching on our liberties. RECALL HIM. He doesn’t belong as mayor; he doesn’t even belong in Idaho! Let him move to SF, LA, Portand or Seattle where his destructive positions will fit in. Recall him immediately before he causes more damage!

  15. Hmm… Let me think about this one: having our 2nd amendment violated is a bad thing. Having gun free zones is a bad thing. What are the proposed gun free zones?
    I have never been to a concert that allowed people to have guns inside. You do look like an unapproachable, moronic, redneck idiot when you are openly carrying a gun in public , family-friendly places; like a concert or a toy store or in a restaurant. You are definitely the person people avoid. And what are you thinking? You’re going to be the hero that saves everyone? Nope, probably going to be a cop. I definitely don’t want to be around redneck egomaniacs- nobody does really. Being drunk and in possession of a firearm may be illegal, but it’s a lot harder to spot than a drunk person driving a car…. Because guns are concealable.
    The festival has pleanty of security. Sandpoint is not at a lack of trigger happy, hard-on sporting, ex-californian cops, who would love any opportunity to use their gun in a town where it’s not even necessary to carry one.
    So ya, this is a tough one… I’ll contemplate it next time i’m avoiding potholes on the long bridge, while being thankful we have solar powered trash cans.

    1. What planet are you from, Jeremy? On your planet are the cops always there to save you, like in the movies? Because here on Earth, the cops almost never can respond before the ground is littered with dead and dying bodies. So when the SHTF you go ahead and stand around waiting for something or sombody to help you. In fact, paint a big red target on your tee shirt so me and the other trigger happy redneck idiots sporting hard ons have a chance to react while you take the fire. Put THAT in yer solar powered trashcan and smoke it on the way back to California, ya liberal scumbag.

  16. Absolutely. If a private entity leases space from the city, that private entity has every right to decide whether guns are allowed or not. That’s freedom of choice in America. Gun nuts do not have to attend the festival if they are too offended. They might feel safer in a C&W bar.

    1. David, You would be correct IF the Festival was on private ground. Alas, Memorial is NOT private ground, and State laws apply.
      You and your ilk will lose this one.
      Seattle/Portland/CA is calling your name, answer the call.

  17. I have lived here for most of my life, Sandpoint was a nice little town, but now we have a dumbass Mayor who thinks he can turn a town in a gun free zone can kiss my white American ass, He can go to California amongst the rest of the idiots.

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