Massive Gun Control Bill Filed in Congress

Each year a variety of gun control bills are filed in Congress.

Pelosi usually files her typical “Universal Background Check” bill.

Feinstein will file her typical “Assault Weapons Ban” bill.

However, none of them compare to a bill that has been filed this year.

HR 5717/SB 3254 is the motherload of all gun control bills and is on the table in 2020.

The bill is being called the “Gun Violence Prevention and Community Safety Act of 2020” by the radical leftists in Congress. It is the accumulation of everything they want to destroy the 2nd Amendment.

Consequently, it is a bill that gun owners can’t ignore.

HR 5717 currently has 18 co-sponsors. All of them are Democrats.

Sadly, with Republicans like Rubio and Graham supporting issues like Red Flag laws, we can’t assume that Republicans won’t jump on board at some point as well.

So, what does HR 5717 contain?

Here is just a partial list of what the bill has in store if it ever becomes law.

  1. Bans Suppressors
  2. Federal Magazine Ban
  3. Nationwide Gun Registry
  4. National Red Flag Law
  5. Forced Safe Storage
  6. Raises the Age Limit on Firearm Purchases to 21 Nationwide
  7. Massive Tax Increases on Firearms and Ammunition

There is a lot more in the bill that you can read here.

Its companion bill in the Senate is SB 3254. That bill has three co-sponsors including failed presidential candidate Cory “Spartacus” Booker.

It’s an election year and gun owners need to be ready to fight.

Unfortunately, with the Chinese Coronavirus causing gun owners to think about anything other than legislation, now is a dangerous time for liberty.

States and cities across the country are restricting gun rights in the wake of the virus.

If we don’t pay attention, something like this can sneak through in a moment of desperation. We can’t make assumptions that it will never go anywhere.

Be sure to reach out to your elected officials in Washington D.C. and tell them to oppose H.R. 5717!

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