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Missouri Governor to Pardon McCloskeys if Charged


Jun 22, 2023

In Missouri, the McCloskey couple has become known nationally for protecting their property after rioters broke into their gated community.

The McCloskeys both had firearms drawn and were ready to defend their property. They say that angry rioters were threatening to harm them.

State prosecutor Kim Gardner is going after the couple and charging them for threatening to use force against the rioters.

Missouri Republican Governor Mike Parson says that he will pardon the couple if they are charged and convicted.

Gov. Parson also said in a recent statement,

I don’t think they’re going to spend any time in jail.Marc Cox radio show.

The McCloskeys did what most gun owners would do, defend their property against those seeking to do violence against others.

In the last few years Missouri passed a solid Stand-Your-Ground bill with the help of the Missouri Firearms Coalition. Missouri was one of the first states to pass a Stand-Your-Ground law since the famous George Zimmerman case.

Gun control advocates have been trying to repeal the law every since.

However, the McCloskey case is the perfect example of why states must have Stand-Your-Ground laws.

Your right to defend yourself is critical and gun grabbers are always seeking ways to undermine that right.

What should be a clear case of self-defense in Missouri is being used by an anti-gun prosecutor to try and make an example out of the couple.

Attacks against the 2nd Amendment are at a fever pitch this year. Unfortunately, we are likely to see even more attacks in the coming months..

This may be why gun owners have purchased a record number of firearms in recent months.

In fact, there are a record number of first-time gun buyers in 2020.

Ammunition has been difficult to come as well and is unlikely to let up with the election right around the corner. If Joe Biden wins in November you can expect the sales of firearms and ammunition to increase dramatically for years to come.

In the meantime, we need more governors to step up and ensure that citizens are able to defend themselves when these angry mobs attack.

Do you agree that the McCloskeys should be pardoned? Let us know in the comments below.

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