Moderate Republicans Lose Big in Wyoming Thanks to Gun Owners

Wyoming was the last state in the Northwest to hold its primary elections.

At the heart of the campaigns was a hard push by Wyoming Gun Owners (WYGO) to expose fraudlent Republicans for their weakness on the 2nd Amendment.

The media and Republican establishment attacked WYGO for months. However, WYGO members didn’t back down and continued to expose politicians who were not upholding their oath or standing strong for gun rights.

In the end, moderates lost big time across Wyoming as gun owners tossed out incumbents from office.

  1. Former WYGO Executive Director and current State Senator Anthony Bouchard won his reelection bid (6th District) by defeating establishment challenger Erin Johnson by 161 votes.
  2. Rep. Tim Salazar won his State Senate race (26th District) which was an open race against challenger Michael Bailey by 1,144 votes.
  3. Rep. Roy Edwards defeated his establishment challenger Tom Murphy by 215 votes for the 53rd District.
  4. Rep. Dan Laursen easily won his seat (25th District) after his challenger withdrew from the race.
  5. Bob Wharff won his open race seat against Joy Bell by 331 votes for Wyoming’s 49th District House seat.
  6. Troy McKeown defeated long-time legislator Rep. Von Flatern which may have been the biggest upset of the evening.

With these victories, Northwest Gun News endorsed candidates won all of their races in the cowboy state!

Gun owners across the more conservative states in the northwest are sending a clear message to weak-kneed Republicans on the 2nd Amendment, “No more compromising!” There has been far too much compromising at the hands of Republicans and can’t do it any longer.

We asked current Wyoming Gun Owners Political Director Aaron Door about his thoughts on the victories from last night and he told Idaho Dispatch,

In the face of a possible gun-grabbing President Biden and VP Kamala Harris, gun owners in Wyoming don’t want to put up with weak-kneed Republicans who aren’t strong on the 2nd Amendment. These moderates will be the first to cave on the 2nd Amendment and Wyoming’s gun owners sent a clear message last night that we want strong leaders to fight for our gun rights. Despite the media, US Senator Enzi, former Governor Mead, and Governor Gordon’s relentless attacks on Wyoming Gun Owners and pro-gun candidates, the citizens saw through their fake news and voted for solid pro-2nd Amendment candidates.

Dorr is right.

There is no reason for citizens in states like Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana to put up with Republicans who are too weak to defend the 2nd Amendment. Now is not the time for softness.

The radical left is going to do everything they can to take Congress and the Presidency in November and we need leaders with a backbone to help protect our rights.

We need those leaders at all levels of government and Wyoming’s citizens sent a clear message last night that that’s what they want as well.

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