Moms Demand Action Active in Idaho?

Published by Northwest Gun News on January 28, 2020 under News and tagged

In states like Oregon and Washington, you expect to see a presence of gun-grabbing groups like Moms Demand Action at the capitol.

These “bluer” states have been overrun with radical leftists trying to destroy the 2nd Amendments.

But in states like Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana?

In recent years, Idaho has seen an uptick in Moms Demand Action activity.

They have been fighting more heavily since 2016 when Constitutional Carry was the main battle. Bloomberg dumped thousands of dollars to try and stop the effort.

Luckily, thanks to the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance and grassroots gun owners, the legislators ignored the “doom and gloom” scenarios and Constitutional Carry prevailed!

Since that time, Moms Demand Action has had a growing presence in Idaho’s capitol.

Boise’s new leftist Mayor is a big supporter of gun-grabbing Moms Demand Action.

This year they had approximately 50 people attend a “Lobby Day” at the capitol to fight against arming teachers and other pro-2nd Amendment measures.

They brought cookies for the legislators.

That was followed by tears and other fearmongering tactics to try and scare legislators from doing what is constitutionally protected.

Idaho’s citizens must be careful.

It won’t be long before this small group continues to grow and make a difference at the capitol if gun owners remain silent or apathetic in their efforts to defend, protect, and restore the right to keep and bear arms.

Bloomberg practically bought the state of Virginia and turned it blue. Now their right to keep and bear arms is under assault.

You can’t sleep on these groups and assume they won’t have an impact on your legislative process.

Is Moms Demand Action active in your state?

Are you keep an eye on what they are doing?

Let us know in the comments below!