Nearly 400 Idaho Gun Owners Protest in Front of Bloomberg’s Boise Office!

It’s strange to see Michael Bloomberg establishing campaign offices in “red” states.

Idaho is one of the most gun-friendly states in the country and Bloomberg even set up an office there.

Clearly, mini-Mike is going all-in on his presidential race.

But gun owners in Idaho weren’t going to let him feel welcome.

Gun owners start to gather in front of Bloomberg’s office.

The Idaho Second Amendment Alliance announced that they would exercise their 1st Amendment right to protest and let Idahoans know that they don’t want Bloomberg’s gun control agenda in their state.

Greg Pruett, the President of the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance, told Northwest Gun News, “Idaho is the most pro-gun friendly state in the country. Bloomberg has been fighting us here for years. We don’t want his anti-2nd Amendment agenda in Idaho.”

Greg Pruett speaks to the crowd.

Approximately 400 gun owners attended the protest while waving signs, flags, and carrying firearms.

This is the 2nd anti-Bloomberg protest in the last few weeks.

Recently, gun owners in Virginia also protested Bloomberg as he attended a campaign stop in the state.

Bloomberg has spent hundreds of millions of dollars on his campaign already. He has also set up campaign stops in 40 states.

Bloomberg’s attempt to buy the Presidency is well underway.

Will we see more protests against the billionaire gun-grabber in other states?

The crowd grew to nearly 400 by the time the protest was halfway done.