Oregon “Faith Leaders” File Three Gun Control Initiatives Similar to Washington’s I-1639

The radical leftists on the west coast are doing everything they can to outdo each other when it comes to pushing draconian gun control laws.

Last year, Washington residents approved a massive gun control initiative in I-1639.

Earlier this year, California Governor Gavin Newson signed a bill into law which expands their Red Flag law for up to five years.

Now, so-called “faith leaders” from Lift Every Voice Oregon is demanding they not be left behind in the fight for the strictest gun control out west by filing three more gun control initiatives.

What do their initiatives do?

The first initiative, IP 60, would include an increase in the age to purchase any firearm to 21-years-old and ban phony “assault weapons.” It would also include a ban on magazines over 10 rounds, a 5-day waiting period to own a firearm you have purchased and dumping more names into the background check system.

The second initiative, IP 61, is similar to the IP 60 but the magazine ban is not included.

The last initiative, IP 62, is just a ban on magazines over 10 rounds.

Of course, none of these initiatives will stop criminals and will only serve to disarm and hurt law-abiding Americans.

These “faith leaders” are nothing more than advocates for death zones.

Rather than protecting the flocks they claim to love, they want to ensure that they are sitting ducks when a crazed lunatic ignores the laws that only law-abiding people will obey.

Oregon citizens need to rise up and pushback against these mob-rule initiatives.

4 thoughts on “Oregon “Faith Leaders” File Three Gun Control Initiatives Similar to Washington’s I-1639”

  1. It’s interesting how these clowns want to control guns, an object that has never done any harm, but don’t care what criminals, terrorists or crazies do.
    When ever I have asked “gun control” idiots what crime a gun committed they have no answer.
    We should also deny cars to sober drivers to stop drunk driving.

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