Oregon Lawmakers Walk Out, Block Gun Control

Gun control advocates in Oregon were handed another defeat in the 2020 legislative session.

For the 2nd year in a row, House Republican lawmakers refused to attend a floor session, preventing the Oregon House from passing HB 4005A.

What is HB 4005A?

The bill would have required that Oregon residents lock up their firearms when not being carried.

Generally, most gun owners keep most of their firearms locked up anyway.

However, many gun owners also keep a firearm ready to go for self-defense.

If someone is breaking into your home, the seconds or minutes it could take to retrieve a firearm could cost you your life. So, most gun owners may keep a handgun or shotgun more readily available for self-defense.

Gun grabbers, of course, have been pushing this issue for several years.

Their contention is that they want to “save lives.”

Sadly, they ignore the reality that no criminal is going to follow this law. Criminals don’t obey the law and they won’t’ obey this one.

“But what about the children?”

Again, this is a personal responsibility issue. If this were to have passed, why not force parents to do a number of things to “protect” their children?

Why just stop at firearms? Why not knives, power tools, and other dangerous items?

The reality is that the vast majority of gun owners do what is necessary to keep their firearms secure.

Additionally, most gun owners teach their children about firearms.

They take them shooting so that there isn’t a “curiosity” factor with the firearm. The children learn to respect what the firearm can do and know that it isn’t a toy.

However, that didn’t stop the radical gun grabbers in Oregon from trying to force citizens to do things against their will.

Thankfully, the bill is dead as the Oregon legislature is now adjourned for the year.

Be sure to thank the lawmakers who stood up for the citizens of Oregon and refused to help them push tyranny.

District 1: Rep. David Brock Smith
District 2: Rep. Gary Leif
District 3: Rep. Carl Wilson
District 4: Rep. Duane Stark
District 6: Rep. Kim Wallan
District 7: Rep. Cedric Hayden
District 15: Rep. Shelly Boshart Davis
District 17: Rep. Sherrie Sprenger
District 18: Rep. Rick Lewis
District 19: Rep. Raquel Moore-Green
District 23: Rep. Mike Nearman
District 24: Rep. Ron Noble
District 25: Rep. Bill Post
District 39: Rep. Christine Drazan
District 53: Rep. Jack Zika
District 55: Rep. Vikki Breese-Iverson
District 56: Rep. E. Werner Reschke
District 57: Rep. Greg Smith
District 58: Rep. Greg Barreto
District 59: Rep. Daniel Bonham
District 60: Rep. Mark Owens

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