Our 2020 Wyoming Primary Election Endorsements

Northwest Gun News would like to announce our first-ever endorsements for the Wyoming legislature.

There are far too many Republicans who claim to be for the 2nd Amendment but do little once they are safely in office.

The following endorsements comprrise our list of candidates we feel the most confident in when it comes to defending gun rights.

Mostly, we choose candidates who are current or former legislators because there is a voting record and survey we can judge them by.

In Wyoming, it’s too easy for a candidate to simply say they are for the 2nd Amendment, maybe even fill out a survey, but then do nothing to help gun owners once they are elected.

In a few races, we have chosen a non-incumbent candidate or someone in an open race who has been a solid supporter of the gun rights movement.

With that, the following is a list of current legislators endorsed by Northwest Gun News:

  1. Sen. Anthony Bouchard for Wyoming Senate – District 6 (Republican)
  2. Rep. Tim Salazar for Wyoming SENATE – District 26 (Republican)
  3. Rep. Roy Edwards for Wyoming House – District 53 (Republican)
  4. Rep. Dan Laursen for Wyoming House – District 25 (Republican)

The following is a list of challengers or those in running for an open seat who are not current or former legislators and are endorsed by Northwest Gun News:

  1. Bob Wharff for Wyoming House – District 49 (Republican)
  2. Troy McKeown for Wyoming Senate – District 24 (Republican)

Of course, with these endorsements comes accountability. Any candidate who runs for office and wins must prove themselves in the capitol each and every legislative session.

Be sure to share these endorsements with your family and friends on social media.

You can also find an individual endorsement image for each candidate on Facebook like the one below.

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