Pocatello REPUBLICAN Mayor Teams Up With Gun Grabbers

The entire country is on fire right now from rioters.

Ironically, the arguments against gun ownership have all gone out the window with these lawless thugs attacking innocent people.

Why anyone would still agree with the gun grabber’s arguments now is beyond me. They have been proven wrong time and time again.

Why then is the Pocatello Mayor, Brian Blad, teaming up with gun control activists again?

Recently, Blad signed a Proclamation with Everytown for Gun Safety designating June 5th as “Gun Violence Awareness Day” in Pocatello!

First, guns do not commit violence, people do.

Second, does Mayor Blad know what Everytown for Gun Safety does? If he does, is he openly admitting his support for their efforts?

Everytown is a group dedicated to the destruction of the 2nd Amendment.

Sadly, Everytown is the same group that opposed our efforts to pass Constitutional Carry in 2016.

What exactly does the group promote for its policies?

How about Universal Gun Registration, the banning of modern rifles, forced firearm lockups, repeal of Stand-Your-Ground and Constitutional Carry, and so much more.

Each year they also hold this “Gun Violence Awareness Day” to allegedly bring awareness to people who die from firearms. They then use it as a springboard to attack the 2nd Amendment.

Of course, discussing the hundreds of thousands of defensive uses with a firearm is not a part of their discussion.

Everytown loves to blame firearms as the culprit and then use their special day to call for an end to the 2nd Amendment.

Sadly, another one of Idaho’s mayors is joining them on their crusade.

You see It’s no surprise that the Boise Mayor, Lauren McLean, is a supporter of gun grabbers. The woman is a far-left extremist.

She has even gone to meetings with gun grabbers to support their efforts.

However, Brian Blad is a REPUBLICAN mayor!

We have told people time and again that party lines don’t matter and that there are those in BOTH major political parties who are fighting against the 2nd Amendment.

Holding elected officials accountable, even in non-partisan positions is crucial to keeping Idaho free from the progressive movement.

Is it possible that Mayor Blad didn’t realize what he was doing?

Sure, it’s possible that Mayor Blad doesn’t know who Everytown is and perhaps if they approached him they didn’t mention the gun control they want.

That is something the citizens of Pocatello are going to have to ask of him.

Idaho’s conservatives can tell that change is happening in our state. Unfortunately, it isn’t the type of change real conservatives want.

If Idahoans don’t speak out and vote out these politicians who help the gun grabbers, we will be the next Virginia.

Contact Mayor Blad right away and tell him to rescind his proclamation!

PHONE: 208-234-6163
EMAIL: mayor@pocatello.us