Police Looking for Violent Thug in Portland Who Kicked Man in the Head

Portland is like a war-zone many of those on the ground there say.

The rioting and looting have continued for months now with no end in sight. The police are all but helpless as the District Attorney refuses to prosecute these criminals.

Last night, a thug kicked a man in the head and knocked him unconcious.

Portland police are looking for the suspect and have identified him as Marquise Love.

The man who he kicked in the face has not been identified yet. However, police say that the man was taken to the hospital and has been released.

Earlier social media posts had falsely stated that the man had died from his injuries.

If Marquise is charged or arrested for this attack then it won’t be the first time he has had a run-in with the law. In 2017, Marquise was arrested for domestic violence.

It would appear that violence is a part of who Marquise is.

Below you can see the video of Marquise allegedly kicking the man in the face. Warning, the footage contains strong language and may be disturbing to some viewers.

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BLM rioters are trying to claim that the victim tried to run over people in the crowd. However, no evidence has been shown that the individual tried to run them over.

In fact, video evidence shows the man tried to get away from the crowd by slowly moving his vehicle forward and ensuring that he was clear of any pedestrians.

What other evidence also shows is that the victim was trying to help a transgender woman who had her belonging stolen and was herself assaulted.

Reporter Andy Ngo has several videos on his Twitter account that you can watch to get a fuller picture of what happened that night.

When will this madness in Portland end?

The police, mayor, and city council members are leaving the streets to these violent thugs. It’s only a matter of time before someone uses their 2nd Amendment rights to defend themselves from these criminals.

Even if the man had attempted to run him over, there is no legal justification for kicking him in the head while he is already down and not doing anything to them.

Sadly, even if police do find the man, the radical left will probably post Marquise’s bail and the DA will likely not pursue charges.

Gun owners should steer well clear of Portland and Seattle for the foreseeable future.

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