Portland Rioters Chant “Wake Up Mother F**kers” in Neighborhood, Demand Refuge

The chaos in Portland has gone on long enough.

Rioters have recently been going through neighborhoods to make demands of residents living in the city. What is happening in Portland can’t stand any longer.

These criminals have been waking up residents and causing all sorts of chaos in the streets.

As they marched, they chanted “Wake up mother fu**er, wake up” while people were trying to sleep.

These criminals don’t care that people are trying to rest for work. They don’t care that kids are trying to sleep or that babies are losing sleep because of the chaos.

How is it that the government in Portland is letting this continue?

Why aren’t the people of Portland speaking out against this madness? Perhaps it’s because the people of Portland are getting exactly what they have voted for?

No matter what the people of Portland have done or not done, this criminal behavior in these neighborhoods must end. How anyone can continue to support the leftist agenda after what is happening in Portland is mind-blowing.

Check out the video below from reporter Andy Ngo where the rioters are telling people to “wake up” using a loud speaker.

Some of these thugs even demanded that Portland residents give them refuge for so-called “protection” they say they have given the Portlanders.

Here is what one woman said while they were marching through the streets and keeping people up at night:

What are you doing to protect your neighbors, people in their houses? There are safety in numbers! We protect you every night by being out here. Please come and protect us! Make sure you are offering us refuge! We are tired and yet we are still out here! We are simply asking for one night, one hour!


This is absolutely insane!

Can you imagine this happening in residential neighborhoods in Idaho, Wyoming, or Montana?

We can see this being a very different turn of events. Rural Americans who cherish their freedom and security would not put up with this nonsense.

In Idaho for instance, armed gun owners have already shown up to counter-protest several times against Black Lives Matter to ensure that chaos doesn’t errupt.

The rioters also rolled out a guillotine with a teddy bear and set fires to American flags.

Is it possible that the entire Black Lives Matter and Antifa movements are going to backfire in November? Perhaps the media overplayed their hands and Americans from all walks of life are going to hand President Trump a landslide election because of this chaos.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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