Pro-Gun Champion Matt Shea Not Running for Re-Election

Each election season there are always a few surprises.

However, in 2020 there was one election surprise that not only caught the media by surprise but also gun owners in the state of Washington.

Rep. Matt Shea (Washington) who has been a stalwart defender of gun rights in Olympia, has decided to not seek re-election.

Media outlets around the state began to post stories about the shocking news when Shea’s name was not listed as someone running for re-election.

Some speculated that maybe there was a mistake in the filing and that it just hadn’t been entered yet. Or perhaps Shea had filed the paperwork and for some reason it just wasn’t showing up.

We reached out to Rep. Shea ourselves to confirm that he was not running for re-election.

He confirmed to Northwest Gun News that he was indeed not seeking re-election.

Rep. Shea didn’t go into details about his decision to not run for office again but he did say tell us, “I am not out of the fight. I am just going to be helping defend liberty in a new way outside of an elected position.”

She was one of the most respected legislators in the gun rights community.

He was always keeping gun owners informed about where any pr0-2nd Amendment or gun control bills were in the capitol. No one kept gun owners more informed than Rep. Shea.

Shea helped lead countless efforts against gun control efforts in Olympia.

Rep. Shea was under constant attack by gun grabbers and even some moderate Republicans.

The “swamp” hated Rep. Shea because he didn’t play their games the way they wanted.

We anticipate Shea will remain in the fight from the outside as many activists like to do. Many feel that they are more effective that way.

Gun owners are grateful for the service Shea provided to the state of Washington.

If you see or talk to Rep. Shea, be sure to tell him thank you for his efforts on behalf of gun owners.

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