Rep. Scott (Idaho) Under Fire for Helping Stop Gun Confiscation of Local Military Veteran!

Rep. Heather Scott (Republican – District 1) is under fire from the media and Democrats for defending a gun owner in Priest River, Idaho.

Her role in the incident is being used by some to claim she is a threat to the United States government.

First, let’s recap the backstory of the incident that took place.

In 2015, Rep. Scott received a letter sent to U.S. military veteran John Arnold, informing him that he was going to have his firearms confiscated because of a stroke he had. The stroke caused some mild physical impairment but nothing that would have prevented Mr. Arnold from defending himself.

The V.A added Mr. Arnold to the NICS system (which prohibited him from purchasing/possessing a firearm) and told him they were sending an inspector to his home to see if firearms were present.

No crime was ever committed by Mr. Arnold and no charges were ever filed.

Because Mr. Arnold had marked a box that he wanted someone else to handle his finances, the V.A. took action against his right to keep and bear arms.

When Rep. Scott read the letter, she decided to get her local community involved.

She organized a rally at the Veteran’s home on the same day the V.A. inspector was to arrive.

Not only did Rep. Scott and over 100 Idaho citizens show up to defend Mr. Arnold, so did the county Sheriff and the Chief of Police for Priest River!

The Idaho Second Amendment Alliance also asked gun owners to stand up and support Rep. Scott in her efforts to protect Mr. Arnold’s rights.

Now, four years later, the House Democrats in Washington state launched a private investigation into Rep. Matt Shea (Republican) and are accusing him of domestic terrorism. They spent $100,000 of taxpayer money on a private investigator, who also happens to be a Democrat party donor, to go after Rep. Shea.

That same report also names Rep. Scott numerous times and tries to paint her in a bad light for the incident that took place in Priest River.

Not to let the opportunity to attack Rep. Scott go to waste, the Idaho Democrat Party is also on the attack.

The Idaho House and Democrat Caucus Communications Director, Hailee Johnson-Waskow is telling media outlets, “It is our priority to ascertain the seriousness of the allegations against Representative Scott and the level of her involvement with Representative Shea. We value the rule of law and if anyone is violating the rule of law then we will encourage the appropriate entities in Idaho to take further action. No one is above the law, including state representatives.”

Which allegations would those be?

Planning the defense of a Veteran who had committed no crime but was about to have his guns taken away?

Would the Idaho Democrat Party also like to see an investigation into the Sheriff and Priest River Police for also standing up for Mr. Arnold?

With the 2020 elections right around the corner, defenders of liberty can expect to be attacked more and more.

If they are willing to impeach President Trump over baseless allegations, what lengths will they go to in order to take down pro-gun Representatives across the country?

The Priest River incident is the perfect example of what state legislators and law enforcement should be doing in upholding their oath to defend the Constitution and the people they serve.

Rep. Scott should be commended, not attacked for her efforts in Priest River.

51 thoughts on “Rep. Scott (Idaho) Under Fire for Helping Stop Gun Confiscation of Local Military Veteran!”

  1. These red flag laws and VA rules are not in the best interest of all citizens. Including honest fire arm owners. This is a far left agenda to circumvent the second amendment and due process clauses in our constitution federal authorities and the Democratic Party has turned their backs on Americans
    I commend honorable representative Scott

    It is to my disappointment that other Idaho lawmakers did not stand up when needed for Idah and for our veteran

      1. Richard, come on over. It’s not an Idaho thing, it’s a Democrat thing. In fact the stink was started by a Democrat Mayor in Washington. We like our guns here.

      2. We will support Rep Scott. We will not alow the democrats to fake bs charges against those that take thier oath to heart and fight to protect the constitution.

        We need to vote out all democrats in Idaho, as well as anyone else that does not support the constitution as rhey swear to when taking office.

      3. Don’t worry about IDAHO! Theres a helluva lot more of us than there are of them! Boise, however, is the center of the liberal/socialist cancer in this state. A college town, too. Go figure! The rest of this GREAT STATE are God fearing, gun toting, Conservatives. We’re NOT going the direction of California, Oregon or Washington.

        1. Idaho sounds like Vermont, Burlington area, College Town, runs the State for Votes because of population in the city, when 80%, Plus is rural and Republican. State Elections should be Electoral by Towns when it comes to Higher State Rep. Positions.

    1. Here the state Democrat Party is showing itself to be the enemy of the People, as the national Democrat Party has been since its formation in the 1830s. The Democrats lost the “Civil War” but have continued their efforts to destroy the US Constitution and to make the USA over into their image.

    2. Keep in mind that these rules were enacted under the Obama reign of terror. If the democrat traitors weren’t so hell bent, and bound, on keeping their coup against President Trump he would have changed this by now.

    1. Time for republicans to step up an put a stop to this bullying, by contributing to these peoples campaign if you can afford it an if not volunteer your time. The socialiats are working hard at the state an county level to strip you of your freedom.

    1. I support the U.S. Constitution and specifically our GOD(Jesus Christ given inalienable rights). I support politicians, judges, military and law enforcement that support and defend our rights as conservatives. I support those that defended this veteran’s rights.

  2. I am from Georgia, a Vietnam Era Veteran and I support Rep Scott and any others that support our Second Amendment, and God given rights.

  3. Rep. Scott is one of the finest examples of a true believer in the Idaho State and US Constitutions. She has abided by her oath of office and her loyalty to the people she represents.

  4. Representative Scott is one of the better things about Idaho in general, she’s an outstanding freedom loving citizen that loves her state. It’s truly sad that Democrats claim awful things about Republicans when they themselves are guilty of being anti-American. Zero tolerance for Democrat political games!

  5. Thank you for taking a stand. The way I read the constitution and supporting documents if a legislator or anyone in the government calls for gun confiscation that person should be arrested for violating their oath of office and that goes for all our rights . Whether it’s the governor or president or who ever they swore to defend the constitution.

  6. I am a U S Navy veteran and this is nonsense, we say we value our veterans and then let the VA do things like this. This rule needs to be repealed, only if one is convicted of a crime (felony) or found incompetent by a judge should one lose their right to own a gun. The same way with Red Flag laws, someone’s opinion should never be enough to take someone’s firearms. Red Flag laws are ripe for abuse, girlfriend gets mad, your employer seeks to punish you, your neighbor has a complaint about a boundary dispute…none of these things should be the basis to lose one’s right to own a gun.

  7. The people working at the VA who are tasked with this should be asking themselves. “Is what I am doing lawful or just?”. If the answer is “no” to either, they should refuse to do so. Rep. Scott – please, institute a simple resolution for your district: “Citizens of this district have the RIGHT to defend themselves, and an OBLIGATION to defend those who cannot.”

  8. Democrats liberal agenda’s goal is to subvert and fundamentally change America’s Constitutional Republic to an oppressive Socialist/Progressive form of gov’t which embraces making their beliefs ‘your’ reality.

  9. I’m glad that I’m as old as I am so I don’t have to see what this great country is coming to, I truly believe that there’s going to be some kind of civil war resulting in this division of the country that’s going on presently! The second amendment is not questionable !!!!! This reminds me of what Nazi Germany did at disarming people before they decided who was going to live or die !!! When you have a government that’s trying to disarm the population I believe nothing good could become of this!!!!

  10. Thanks again to Rep Scott. Once more, she is on the right side of yet another issue. If a person can indeed be judged by the enemies they make, Heather Scott will go down as a great American. If our domestic enemies among the left wing and socialist dim dupes are stirred against anyone, we know that they have been frightened and are indeed railing against a true American.
    May she, like PRESIDENT Trump, be not deterred by the blabbering, wailing and gnashing of teeth by the dims!

  11. Thank God for a representative that stands to support our Constitution and bill of rights. It is the illegal nibbling away at our rights that end up in our loss of freedom rights and liberty. As a Veteran, the action of the VA disturbs me immensely. For an out fit so incompetent in carrying out basic care of veterans to be involve in violating the rights of veterans is shameful

  12. Governments have been trying to restrict our rights for ages. They know they won’t be able to take away our guns by force, all at once, so they are going after the “fringe elements” first. After they accomplish that then they will move towards the center, the everyday, working Americans. They know the ones that can shoot the straightest are the ones they, themselves, trained to kill others and that’s who they are going after first.

    1. It’s a shame that women have to stand up to carry out men’s responsibilities.
      This goes clear back to the Garden in Eden, when the man blamed the woman he had been given as an helper, and then blamed the Lord for giving her to him, for the man’s weakness in giving in to sin. Throughout the ages men have shirked our responsibility to rule with lovingkindness over our families and communities, leaving it to women to do our job.

  13. When I first took my Military Oath, back in 1968, I could not fathom what a Domestic Enemy was. I could not figure out why anyone who lived in the USA would turn against its own government and Constitution. Now that I am older and, hopefully, wiser, I can see those Domestic Enemies are the godless Democrat Party of the USA. They hate God, they hate our Freedom, they hate our Capitalism, they hate our Military, our Police, our Founding Under God, our Christianity, and they hate all that is Good and Right! My Military Oath expiration date is the day I take my last breath of air, until then, I will fight against these godless demonic Domestic Enemies called Democrats! God Bless the USA and God Bless President Donald J. Trump & Family! KAG!

  14. When the United States government becomes a threat to the rights of patriots, patriots properly become a threat to the United States government.

    1. It’s only when the Democrats are in power that the US Government is a danger to the People.
      Unfortunately a large portion of the people don’t want to grow up, so vote for goodies from Unkie Sammy.

  15. Thank you for demonstrating to the nation the doctrine of the lesser magistrates. Your interposition was needed and necessary for Mr. Arnold – as are your current efforts of interposition/abolition for the preborn. May your actions light a fire in the hearts of others! May Christ be praised!

  16. Here the state Democrat Party is showing itself to be the enemy of the People, as the national Democrat Party has been since its formation in the 1830s. The Democrats lost the “Civil War” but have continued their efforts to destroy the US Constitution and to make the USA over into their image.

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