Rep. Shea Blasts Inslee/Ferguson Gun Grab Plan for 2020!

For the last three legislative sessions, Attorney General Bob Ferguson has submitted legislation to infringe on the sale and possession of standard capacity magazines and standard rifles and handguns.

Now, Washington Governor and failed presidential candidate Jay Inslee is joining him for the 2020 session in pushing these unconstitutional measures.

Pro-gun champion Rep. Matt Shea (R- District 4) responded to the proposal by Ferguson and Inslee by saying, “Limiting magazines and banning so-called “assault weapons” will only serve to punish law-abiding citizens. Gun bans and confiscation are the province of tin pot dictators. Article 1, Section 24, says shall not be impaired for a reason. It is not to protect hunters. It is to protect the people against tyrants for the exact moment when they inevitably ask a people to disarm.  Speaking on behalf of the sentiments of tens of thousands of military veterans, we will not disarm…not now, not ever. This is one more reason to create a State of Liberty.”                         

As if gun grabbers in Olympia and King County haven’t done enough damage to the 2nd Amendment already, they want even more in 2020.

This is precisely why compromise with the groups like Moms Demand Action and the Alliance for Gun Responsibility is not an option.

They will not be satisfied until we are living in Europe-style socialism.

It’s time for gun owners to fight back as they have never fought back before. Apathy has been the downfall of the conservative movement for years.

When the 2020 session kicks off, you must bring political pain to the politicians seeking to infringe on your gun rights.

Emails, phone calls, rallies, and more should be done by every single gun owner in Washington. Stay involved and stay active!

10 thoughts on “Rep. Shea Blasts Inslee/Ferguson Gun Grab Plan for 2020!”

  1. Rep. Strom Peterson, my rep is sponsoring one of these bills, he owns the cheesemongrs tables in edmonds.

  2. It’s time to start the recall efforts for the Attorney General. Avoid change dot org petitions; they are a waste of time. There needs to be a grassroots movement backed by the Republican party to recall the AG for misfeasance (spending money on losing lawsuits against the Trump Administration solely for political purposes) and violating his oath of office (for failing to uphold Section 24 of the Washington State Constitution). Real signatures need to be collected, in excess of 25% of the total number of votes for AG in the last election. Start with rural counties and then move into more populated counties.

  3. We need to rid our state government of these people that control Congress, Senate and other high level positions. We the people are fed up with your constant push for your push to have control of our lives. Less we put a stop this now Washington state will be in a fight just like Virginia is now and the outcome will not be pretty.

  4. Jay the TAXINATOR & his AG who fixed the I-976 bill have to be voted out & any of their group need to be exposed in election voting including the pretend Republican’s ! Washington State needs to be again what it once was ! The infiltration of those who have come from elsewhere & those who have turned on this state for greed need to be replaced which means that if this is what you want it will only happen by increased conservative / republican votes or will fail’s up to you now ! Vote RED in 2020 to make this the “Evergreen State ” again or live with the mess it is now with this State government . It’s YOUR choice !

  5. Now is the time to Stand Up for Government Of, By, and For the People. The protection Of, and Restoration of our Natural and God-given Rights as enumerated in the Founding Documents must once again, as in 1776 become our goal. It is time to take this region back from the fascist progressives of the Democrat Party, and reinstitute local, responsive, regional government to the citizens of this state. For those of us resident in the 20 counties of Eastern Washington, I believe it is necessary to separate ourselves from those in Olympia and the Puget Sound region that disregard and overrule our votes and rights by their regional desire to impose their socialist principles on the free thinking citizenry of this part of the state, who believe in the rights of the individual over that of the collective, and desire to pursue our own path to Liberty, Freedom, and Prosperity in the new 51st State of Liberty, where the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Rule of Law will be the basis for limited government that will allow all citizens to pursue Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness (Property). Get on board the Liberty State train-go to Liberty for details.

  6. The petition to RECALL AG FERGUSON has been received bt the Deputy Clerk of the Dept. of Judicial Administration; and a hearing scheduled for Case # 19-2-33993-4 SEA next Friday, Jan. 10th 2020 ay 11 AM in the King County Courthouse 516 Third Ave, Room W-941 Seattle WA. Spread the word!! If You’re going after the king, make it count!

  7. Stop infringement on our 2nd amendment rights . Stop attacking or construction. Being a law abiding Citizen I am concerned that the Democrats in Olympia don’t. Care about the protection of my constructional rights. Less guns does not make me and my community safer. Just refer to Obama’s cdc on gun violence . This is not about preventing gun violence. This is about taking away our ability to defend Ourselves from a tyrannical government.

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