Republican Party’s Shameful Attack on Rep. Matt Shea!

The legislative session in Washington is just days away, and one question looms large: Will the Republican Party of Washington continue to attack Rep. Matt Shea?

The partisan Rampart Group report was a shameful hit-job similar to those done on President Trump.

Remember, it was the Democrat Party that launched this “investigation.”

Thousands of taxpayer dollars paid out to an “investigator” who is a known Democrat donor, including to the radical Seattle Mayor!

No actual evidence exists that Rep. Shea did anything even remotely close to criminal conduct.

Rep. Shea is an actual conservative who stands up to the Democrat Party in Olympia and they don’t like it.

Meanwhile, the Republican Party in Washington has thrown Rep. Shea under the bus and stripped him of his committee assignments. They also moved his office and kicked him out of the Republican House Caucus.

Some Republican lawmakers want Rep. Shea to resign! 

One of those Republicans, House Minority Leader J.T. Wilcox, is perhaps the worst Republican to call for his resignation.

When your party “leader” throws you under the bus without due process, then you can be sure other spineless Republicans will follow.

What actual evidence does Rep. Wilcox have that Rep. Shea committed any crime? Is he under investigation by law enforcement? Have they charged him with anything? Has he been convicted of any actual crime?


So, Rep. Wilcox and the rest of the weak Republican Party of Washington’s entire basis for attacking Rep. Shea is the massive hit-job done by the Democrat partisan Rampart Report.

Many of the Republicans in Olympia who say they oppose Red Flag laws, seemed more than happy to jump on the prosecution and judgment of Rep. Shea without ever giving him the opportunity to respond.

They took the word of a shameful partisan hit-job over talking to their own caucus member about what was in the report, or if he was guilty of an actual crime.

Due process anyone?

The pathetic excuses from the Republican Party in Washington continue to pour in as they all turn their backs on one of the few Representatives that actually stands up to big government.

They were all quick to support the media’s narrative that Rep. Shea was a domestic terrorist.

These Republicans calling for Shea’s resignation are no better than the Mitt Romney and Susan Collins of the world who continue to attack President Trump, despite him being innocent of any wrongdoing.

We reached out to Rep. Shea and asked him what he would like gun owners to know in light of everything that has happened.

He told us, “I have done absolutely nothing wrong.”

And despite being under attack from moderate Republicans in his own party, Rep. Shea says that he will be working hard in the 2020 session to fight for gun owners.

He will be filing a bill that will repeal Red Flag gun confiscation orders in Washington!

Of course, with Rep. Wilcox’s shameful attacks on Rep. Shea, you have to wonder if some of the Republicans in Olympia would even support repealing Red Flag laws.

They didn’t give an innocent Representative due process, so why would they care about the everyday gun owner?

Gun owners in Washington certainly support the repeal of Red Flag laws, and based on the social media response to the partisan Rampart Report, they are also standing by Rep. Shea.

Call/Email Rep. Wilcox and tell him to apologize to Rep. Shea and to return his assignments, office, and Republican Caucus Membership right away!

One thought on “Republican Party’s Shameful Attack on Rep. Matt Shea!”

  1. Christy thank you so much for your supportive update on Matt Shay . And yes I left a message for Wilcox. We truly have legislators actively trying to destroy our Bill of Rights . Wilcox and his ilk
    Are whom need to be recalled , asked to resign

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