Seattle Rioters Tell Citizens to Give Them Their Houses

The city of Seattle continues to burn.

Police seem to be sitting back in Seattle and leaving the rioters to cause mayhem. Perhaps if the city had a mayor and city council with a backbone this wouldn’t be happening.

The riots have continued for over two months now after the death of George Floyd.

Sadly, the rioters have now moved into residential neighborhoods.

In fact, one man told white homeowners that they should give up their homes and give them to black people.

For some time now, rioters have been threatening to move into residential areas to make people uncomfortable and demand reparations and other social justice.

We already saw what happened when rioters broke into a gated community in Missouri because they were trying to find the mayor’s house. The McCloskey couple was facing charges for standing guard over their home.

In Seattle though, the rioters don’t just want to talk to the mayor, they want other people’s property and they want it for free.

Check out this insane video from Portland several nights ago.

This is why gun owners fight so hard for a great Castle Doctrine, Stand-Your-Ground, and Constitutional Carry.

Gun owners often joke about the police being just moments away when you need them. Unfortunately, the citizens of Portland are living that nightmare as the police may never come because of the radical leftists controlling the town.

This is the reason Portland and Seattle continue to lose good hardworking people.

The leftist ruin the town and then push the non-conforming and non-socialists out. And these criminals are the type of people who will turn these cities into ghost towns like Detroit.

What do you think of the Portland situation? Would you still live in Portland if you had to endure this chaos?

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One thought on “Seattle Rioters Tell Citizens to Give Them Their Houses”

  1. I would not go to any of the following, far left, liberal Democratic cities even if it was for an All Expenses Paid Trip: Chicago, Detroit, New York, D.C, Newark,
    Philly, Baltimore, St Louis, Portland, Seattle, or anywhere in California.

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