Several Republican Candidates in Idaho Not Pro-2nd Amendment?

There are several states in the northwest where being pro-2nd Amendment is a necessity to getting elected.

Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho have some of the most pro-2nd Amendment citizens in the country.

Idaho, which is one of the few bright spots for gun owners in recent years, is currently knee-deep in their legislative primary. The primary is technically scheduled for May 19th even though final votes won’t be done until June 2nd.

Idahoans may be wondering where their candidates stand on specific 2nd Amendment issues such as Red Flag Gun Confiscation Orders and Universal Background Checks.

Thankfully, the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance is surveying all legislative candidates. Surveys were sent to candidates of both major parties as well as those in the Libertarian and Constitution parties. Additionally, the ISAA also sent surveys to those identifying as independent.

You might be thinking that because a candidate is Republican they must be pro-2nd Amendment right? Wrong!

Unfortunately, there are a few Republicans who returned the survey with less than stellar answers and a number of them who refused to respond at all. Refusing to respond should give you some insight into their potential anti-2nd Amendment beliefs.

Yet, many of these candidates will simply say that “I grew up hunting, own several guns, and love target shooting.”

Of course, none of those things makes them a defender of the 2nd Amendment. Neither do the family members, neighbors, or friends who will inevitably come to their defense when you call them out for being weak on gun rights.

So, let’s take a look at a few of the candidates in Idaho who call themselves Republicans and yet are weaker than some Democrats on gun rights.

First, a candidate named Wendy Webb is running for State Senate in Meridian, Idaho. She is challenging State Senator Regina Bayer for the seat.

Not only did Wendy Webb not return the ISAA survey with incorrect answers, but she also answered every single question incorrectly!

Wendy Webb supports Red Flag laws. She supports Universal Background checks and opposes strengthening Idaho’s Stand-Your-Ground law.

Additionally, she opposes strengthening Idaho’s Campus Carry and other good pro-2nd Amendment legislation.

You have to wonder why Wendy Webb is even running on the Republican ticket. Wouldn’t her stances on gun rights be a better fit in the Democrat Party?

Sadly, Wendy Webb wasn’t the only candidate with less than stellar answers.

Kevin Andrus, Chad Cole, David Cannon, Pat Mitchell, and Codi Galloway also returned the survey without answering 100% pro-2nd Amendment.

However, there are also a number of Republican who refused to return the survey. Generally speaking, this means they have something to hide.

The Republicans refusing to disclose their true beliefs are hoping gun owners won’t notice. Their hope is that by posting a staged picture of them with their favorite gun, you’ll immediately consider them pro-2nd Amendment.

Dave Radford, Donavan Harrington, and other Republican challengers in Idaho refused to fill out the ISAA survey in 2020. Time will tell if their gamble to snub gun owners is going to pay off.

And Idaho isn’t the only state that has to deal with these weak-kneed Republicans.

Wyoming, Montana, Oregon, and Washington all deal with the same problems each election cycle.

Wyoming, Oregon, and Washington have had Republican lawmakers pushing gun control in recent years. You can rest assured there will be gun control supporting Republicans running in primaries in those states as well.

Montana is dealing with a gun control initiative as well as a pathetic Democrat governor who continues to make pro-2nd Amendment legislation impossible.

No matter what state you are in, don’t let these candidates off the hook! You don’t have to accept the typical “I have guns so I love the 2nd Amendment” rhetoric.

Just because they put an “R” next to their name doesn’t mean they understand or believe in defending the 2nd Amendment.