Shootings in Portland Skyrocket in 2020

Doesn’t the left claim that if you just implement gun control then everything will be peachy?

Gun grabbers continually claim that their “common sense solutions” will lead to more peace in our cities. They claim that gun control is the answer to stopping criminals.

Despite those exact claims in Oregon, the shootings in Portland have more than doubled in 2020 compared to what they were in 2019.

In 2020, the city of Portland has already had 900 shootings, whereas in 2019 they only had 393.

It’s almost as if the criminals decided that gun control doesn’t apply to them.

The story from KOIN also had this to say about violence in Portland this year:

Violent behavior has spread much like the COVID-19 virus in 2020, creating unprecedented challenges for officers tasked with keeping the peace.

“They know we are busy, so people are more emboldened to carry firearms and use them against each other and not only one or two shots, but multiple,” said Derek Carman with the Portland Police Bureau. “There have been thousands of shots fired in the city this year and it’s unfortunate for the community.”

The PPB also faces a wave of retirements and resignations. Since the protests and riots started in June, 74 officers have left the bureau and another 25-32 are expected to leave by the end of January.

KOIN, Oregon

So, in addition to criminals ignoring Oregon’s draconian gun control laws, they also allowed criminals in Portland this summer to run rampant.

Police are quitting at a rapid pace because Portland’s city government has abandoned them and allowed Antifa to run wild and unimpeded. We saw massive protests, looting, and violence in the city for over 100 days straight.

Has Portland learned its lesson with the high violence?

Odds are they have not as we have seen cities like Chicago and Baltimore not learn their lessons either.

The “woke” crowd will continue to attack gun rights. They will continue to undercut police departments and seek to abolish them.

Meanwhile, innocent citizens in Portland will continue to suffer for the incompetent leftist policies.

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