Should Gun Owners Oppose Term Limits?

If you asked most gun owners, and really most citizens, if they support term limits you would hear a resounding “yes!”

Nothing would make gun owners happier than pro-gun control politicians like Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, or Lindsey Graham getting “termed” out of office.

You likely have some state lawmakers you want to see gone too.

The longer congressional or state elected officials are in office, the harder it becomes to get them out.

They build massive war chests with special interest money. They become part of the “swamp” and care more about getting money from lobbyists or gaining power than they do in upholding their oath of office.

Many people on both sides will demand term limits to “solve” this problem.

But here’s the thing, it may actually make things worse if you want to protect gun rights and freedom in general.

In any given election, you can rest assured that there are a plethora of moderates who are willing to step in and fill any office in the country.

There is no shortage of individuals who will be sucked into the system and sell themselves out once money and power come into the equation. This has proven true in every state in the country.

Money and power speak loudly to nearly every politician, no matter the level of government and no matter which side of the aisle you are on.

So, our willingness to throw one sellout out of office in favor of a new sellout does not solve the issue of our eroding freedoms and protecting gun rights in particular.

And isn’t that the objective of wanting term limits?

When it comes to gun rights and term limits, we need to look no further than the state of Colorado for the dangers that term limits pose.

Colorado is now solidly on a path to radical progressivism.

Colorado passed term limits in 1990, limiting legislators to eight years of service per chamber.

In 2004 Colorado’s notorious “Gang of 4” launched their efforts to flip Colorado blue and into a progressive stronghold.

Gun control was going to be a major part of their effort and that increased significantly after the Aurora movie theater shooting.

As Colorado’s path to progressivism increased, there were only a handful of Republicans who were blocking gun control from taking hold.

They held the line until they were “termed” out of office.

Once the Democrats were able to gain control of the Colorado statehouse, they began implementing the gun control measures they had been pushing for years.

While some of the Colorado Democrats who pushed gun control were recalled, term limits threw out the few good Republicans who had blocked it.

There are very few politicians who will openly speak out against anti-freedom ideas and are willing to stand up for what is right, even if it costs them their job at the next election.

It is those people that gun owners are glad to have in office but they won’t be if you have term limits. And these folks are difficult to replace unlike the progressives in both parties who seem to have an army of candidates they can pick from.

Your odds of finding someone willing to stand up for gun rights, in the same tenacious manner as the “termed” legislator, is not good.

The best way to implement “term limits” is by finding good quality candidates and voting them into office.

If we are unwilling to get off our butts and vote out corrupt and treasonous politicians then perhaps we get the government we deserve?

If your state is considering term limits, you might want to think long and hard about the potential consequences of implementing them.

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