U.N. Hiring a “Disarmament” Officer in the United States!

Not long after Christmas, word started to spread about a job the United Nations was hiring for here in the United States.

The job title for this position? “Disarmament, Demobilization, and Reintegration Officer”

What exactly does this individual do?

Here is a screenshot of part of the job description as well as a link to the website so you can see it for yourself.

So this individual is going to help plan and develop the framework to carry out disarmament? Do they intend to do so in the United States?

Nothing gives gun owners in the United States a more uneasy feeling than the U.N. hiring “Disarmament” officers on United States soil.

The duty station for this officer is in New York, the U.N. headquarters.

It is long past time for the United States to leave the U.N. and permanently remove them from our country.

Of course, the gun-grabbers will claim this is just another conspiracy.

They always claim that “no one is coming to take your guns.” Yet we are seeing a more concerted effort by the Democrat Party to implement Red Flag laws and banning the possession of standard capacity magazines and modern rifles.

We are also seeing more and more Democrats call for the repeal of the 2nd Amendment. How exactly do they intend to remove guns if not by confiscation?

And now we are seeing the U.N. hire a “Disarmament” officer on our own land? Despite New York being the H.Q. for the U.N., it is a little unnerving having this position here in our own backyard.

It is possible that this position has already been in the United States for years and that the U.N. needs to replace someone who left, or is adding additional officers to their ranks.

The U.N. has not been happy about our unwillingness to not go along with the U.N. Small Arms Treaty. They are not our friends. They are enemies of liberty.

Perhaps it is time to ask the President and your Congressional delegation to look into this particular job title and find out exactly what the U.N. intends to use this person for in the United States.

Better yet, let’s ask them to remove the U.N. once and for all!

Note: The link to this job title may not be available once the job has been filled.

Update: Some edits were made for clarification on the location.

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