U.S. Military Member Red-Flagged, Arms Confiscated

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I got a Facebook message the other day from a friend living in a state where Red Flag laws exist.

This friend, we shall call him Steve, asked me to call him so he could explain exactly what happened. While he wants his story to be known, he asked for anonymity while his case is pending.

So, what happened to Steve exactly.

First, know that Steve is a member of the armed services currently.

Unless something has changed from my time in the military, if a service member were a danger to themselves or others, they were removed from service.

Of course, military members also go through tough times and it isn’t unheard of for some of them to have thoughts of suicide, especially those who have been to war.

However, as long as they are seeking help and counseling, they can usually remain in the military without any problems. Military members are human just like anyone else.

Several years ago Steve and his wife went through a rough patch in their marriage he told me. No threats or acts of violence occured in their marriage but they verbally fought with each other.

Steve told me he wasn’t in a good place and had thoughs of suicide.

Instead of taking action on those thoughts, he sought help and counseling like we would want anyone to.

Steve never acted on his thoughts and has never had such thoughts since. In fact, he told me that each year he has to go to a counselor just to check up and see how he is doing.

The counselors have given him a “cleared for duty” status each time.

He spends hours with his evaluators and not once have they raised any concerns about Steve. Isn’t that what we would want someone to do who has had thoughts of suicide before? He got help and got through the problem he was having.

Second, you should know that Steve has no criminal history whatsoever.

He informed me that he doesn’t have a felony or even a misdemeanor and has never even been charged with such.

Steve also told me that he has no traffic tickets.

So, in the entirely of his life he has no criminal convictions or charges and had thoughts of suicide only once several years ago. He even did the right thing by seeking counseling when he did so!

What could possibly have triggered a “Red Flag” against him?

Steve, who is a gun owner, went into an evaluation several months ago again.

This time there was a new evaluator.

The doctor only spent 45 minutes with Steve. It was during that evaluation that the doctor determined he was a “threat to himself or others.”

A 45-minute interview with one doctor, one time, that ultimately led to Steve being Red Flagged! This is the danger I have spoken of about these Red Flag laws for years.

After Steve was given a bad evaluation by this evaluator, he asked for a second opinion. Sadly, that didn’t happen until the same day that they decided to take his guns!

The doctor who gave the second opinion spent hours with Steve and asked pointed questions about every aspect of his life. He got to know Steve and what he was going through and had been through.

So, after several months, the military decided to act on this Red Flag from the first evaluator.

Steve had no knowledge the police were going to show up at his door but they did.

They entered the premises and confiscated his firearms and ammunition.

Of course, they didn’t actually do anything to Steve himself. This was something else that always baffled me about Red Flag laws.

If Steve is a danger to himself or others, why did they leave him in his home?

If Steve, now humiliated in front of his wife, were a danger to himself, he couldn’t just as easily have taken his life with a knife, rope, poison, or some other method?

Were Steve’s Constitutional rights violated?

Generally speaking, members of the military enjoy the same Constitutional rights as normal citizens.

The courts have opined that there are several exceptions to this such as freedom of expression while in uniform. Additionally, military members on base can usually have their homes inspected at random and without notice.

However, the seizure of personal belongings while stationed on a base is not an issue I am 100% certain of.

But that really isn’t my main concern with what happened to Steve.

The fact that one doctor Red Flagged him despite two years with no issues of suicidal thoughts and no criminal charges or convictions is extremely disturbing.

If they can do this to a military member, what will they do to you?

Put yourself in Steve’s shoes and think about the humiliation you would feel despite having done nothing wrong. Your property is taken and you have not had your day in court.

I know some of you are going to be looking for this story in Google.

You aren’t going to find it there. This is a fresh story and it may never make the news.

For Steve’s protection from more repercussions, he asked that his location, job, name, and all personal details be kept out of the spotlight.

Yet, despite how hard it was for him to tell this story, he wanted me to relay exactly what he went through. This is his story as told by him.

He isn’t the only person we know of that has been Red Flagged.

More states continue to adopt Red Flag laws and states with them continue their expansion. In some states, they are allowing your neighbors and coworkers to turn you in!

If you are in a state with Red Flag laws, be sure to fight them with everything that you have. Don’t give one inch to the gun grabbers on this issue.

It could be your firearms that are confiscated without due process next.


Disclaimer: This story is Steve’s account of what he and his wife went through. Should any further information come forward either from the military, public disclosure of documents, or any other fashion we will update the article accordingly.

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  1. For those that have let “RED FLAG” laws go into effect in your States….YOU suck. For those fighting to keep them out……be ever vigilant. Traitors are every where.

  2. Getting closer and closer to a comunist state.
    Time to assist. Our President and drain and sanitize the swamp.

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