Utah Legislator Files Constitutional Carry Bill

Utah is one of the few “red” states where Constitutional Carry is still not law.

This is surprising to many gun owners given the state’s political makeup. However, the fact that it hasn’t passed doesn’t mean legislators haven’t tried to do it in the past.

Unfortunately, former Utah Governor Gary Herbert blocked Constitutional Carry a number of times and openly advocated against it.

This year, Rep. Walt Brooks (R-St. George) has filed a Constitutional Carry bill (H.B. 60) for 2021 and it remains to be seen how Utah’s new governor, Spencer Cox, will fall on the issue as a governor.

As a Utah State Representative, Cox did vote for a Constitutional Carry bill back in 2013.

When he becomes governor though, will his attitude or thoughts on Constitutional Carry change? Gun owners in Utah need to keep the pressure on Cox no matter what and ensure that he doesn’t cave to the gun control lobby or spineless Republicans.

Too often there are state legislators from both parties who profess to be for the 2nd Amendment then follow up their supposed support with the word “but.”

Herbert was terrible as a Utah governor and even helped push an insane idea for Constitutional Carry. His proposal was that Utahans could carry without a permit but the firearm chamber had to be empty.

This absurd idea is a disaster waiting to happen as the split second it might take to chamber a round could be deadly.

Not only that, what if a gun owner were to forget in the heat of the moment to chamber a round and were killed because of it?

Thankfully, the new bill does not do the idiotic things that Herbert was trying to push.

If Utah passes Constitutional Carry, they would add to a growing list of states out west who have passed it. Arizona, Idaho, and Wyoming all have Constitutional Carry.

Utah’s version of Constitutional Carry will include all Americans and not a “resident only” requirement that exists in Wyoming and North Dakota.

In a year when many expect the 2nd Amendment to be under constant attack, Utah may be one of the few places where progress in a good direction can be made for gun owners.

For those wishing to keep up to date on the pro-2nd Amendment movement in Utah, be sure to follow the Utah Firearms Association.

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