Violence Erupts in Seattle. Brave Security Guard Disarms Rioter.

Published by Greg Pruett on May 31, 2020 under News and tagged 2nd Amendment, Riots, Seattle, Security Guard

We all saw this coming.

Violence was bound to break out in Seattle.

Seattle and Portland are two cities where a large number of Antifa thugs reside. They are likely a major reason that violence breaks out in many of the protests that are taking place.

Yesterday, dozens of businesses were looted and a number of police cars and city vehicles were burned.

As a result of the violence, the city of Seattle implemented a 5:00 p.m. curfew.

Additionally, Gov. Inslee is activating 200 members of the Washington National Guard according to King 5 news.

Gov. Jay Inslee has activated up to 200 members of the Washington National Guard to help the city of Seattle. Guard personnel will be unarmed and work under the direction of Seattle city leadership. 

Inslee’s Chief of Staff David Postman says this is the first time the National Guard has been called into Seattle since the WTO Riots in 1999.

While Inslee is sending our Guardsmen into a hostile situation unarmed, one security guard for Q13 news bravely disarmed a rioter!

It’s a story that is going viral across the country.

A rioter took a firearm that was left in a burned police vehicle. The rioter was seen holding the rifle in their hands.

Out of nowhere, an armed security guard with his weapon drawn and pointed at the rioter quickly disarmed the individual.

You can see the incredible scene below.

Q13 news Tweeted about the incident.

No matter who it is and no matter what their experience is, it was a great sight to see.

The rioter didn’t even appear to know what to do with the firearm and was about to wet themselves when confronted with someone who did know what to do with one.

You can probably anticipate that the protests/riots will continue across the country for several more days. Eventually, the National Guard from each state will come in and prevent the unrest from getting worse.

Stay prepared as you go about your daily life and let us pray that peace will be restored soon.

In the meantime, enjoy the Coronvirus-free news.

Does anyone even remember what the Coronavirus is at this point?

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