Virginia Cuts Reciprocity Agreements with 4 Northwest States!

The gun grabbers in Virginia have wasted little time attacking the 2nd Amendment.

Just this week they passed three gun control bills through their state Senate.

One bill restricts how many firearms you can buy in a single month. Another bill allows local municipalities to restrict firearms on public property. The final bill implements Universal Background Checks.

Virginia Democrats are ramming through gun control at a record pace.

Sadly, several Republican Senate lawmakers jumped on board the gun control bandwagon.

In addition to these gun control bills, the Governor has banned firearms at the state capitol.

An appeal was made by Gun Owners of America and the Virginia Citizens Defense League to block the Governor’s order, but the Virginia Supreme Court upheld the ban.

And just to ensure the rest of the country can feel the Virginia Democrats desire to attack gun owners, the state has now revoked concealed carry reciprocity agreements with 25 states!

The claim from the Virginia state government is that the 25 states don’t have strict enough permit requirements to maintain reciprocity.

While some states change reciprocity with other states occasionally, we have never seen such a massive change from one state, all at once.

Out of the five states in the Northwest, four states reciprocity agreements with the state of Virginia have been revoked!

Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, and Washington have now all lost their reciprocity with Virginia.

To our knowledge, the reciprocity agreement with the state of Oregon is still intact.

If there was ever an example of what will happen to your gun rights when a “Red” state turns “Blue,” Virginia is a shining example.

This is just the beginning.

How much more are gun owners in Virginia going to have to fight against this year and the years to come?

For now, gun owners in the Northwest, other than Oregon, can’t carry concealed in the state of Virginia.

Note: Below is an image taken from Fox News on the full list of states whose concealed carry reciprocity agreement with Virginia has been revoked.

8 thoughts on “Virginia Cuts Reciprocity Agreements with 4 Northwest States!”

  1. What does this mean for my Virginia nonresident concealed carry permit. Does this mean the states that previously accepted reciprocity from Virginia no longer do?

    1. It sounds like it from the article. scroll to the bottom of the page in the white box and it gives all the states that they will no longer recognize your permits.

  2. As far as I’m concerned we have just seen the first salvo of the Democrats and their agenda to disarm Americans so the Government can do as they please with it’s citizens having no way to defend or push back if it ever came to that as the Founders of this nation envisioned if the government got to oppressive. I do not understand why the citizens of Virginia have not had a recall on all their State legislators that voted for these pieces of nonsense. It is clear that they do not trust firearms in the hands of their citizens and are afraid to allow their citizens around them when their citizens are armed. I don’t trust any government official that makes laws and are then afraid to face their constituents without armed police officers and banning their citizens from being armed. If they can not face their constituents AFTER they pass a handful of ridicules laws, maybe they should not have made those laws in the first place. Virginians, in the end it is not the type of firearm they want but all firearms, period.

  3. Well !! northam, Virginia governor, Isn’t satisfied with screwing out Federal & State laws. he has his foot in the doors of many Northwestern States now, so hide & watch folks. This Liberal Idiotic Socialist has got to have “Visions of Grandeur “ ahead of him. We all are to be wayside contraband for him. he is a Total Nut. Watch your State & Local Government. “CONTACT ALL YOUR GOVERNMENT ENTITIES “. LOCK IN THE SECOND AMENDMENT AS IS, BEFORE, THE GOVERNMENT HAS THE CHANCE TO TAKE THEM AWAY.
    Fair Warning Folks. I’m Not Some Radical. I’m An AMERICAN. God Bless You All.

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