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WA: South Everett Home Owner Shoots and Kills Intruder


Jun 22, 2023
Police Lights

Washington, despite recent gun control efforts, has some of the best self-defense laws in the country.

This self-defense story took place back at the end of May but highlights the importance of gun ownership. It also highlights the 2nd Amendment as the great equalizer.

The homeowner was in his 70’s while the intruder was in his 30’s. Odds are that the homeowner would not have been able to fend off an attack if he did not have a weapon.

Here is the story as reported from My Everett News:

At about 4:50 a.m. this morning, officers were dispatched to the 1600 block of 126th St SE when a homeowner reported shooting someone inside his residence.

Arriving officers found an injured male inside the residence and immediately provided emergency first aid. Everett Fire also assisted with aid until the male was declared deceased.

Detectives with the Major Crimes Unit continue their investigation but found evidence the deceased male broke into the residence and entered a room containing firearms. The homeowner woke to sounds in his house, confronted the male burglar and shot him. The context of the confrontation is under investigation.

The homeowner is in his 70’s and the deceased is in his 30’s.

The Snohomish County Medical Examiner’s Office will respond to the scene to take custody of the deceased male to determine his identity as well as cause and manner of death.

A small section of 126th St SE will remain closed for the investigation and traffic has been diverted.

Officers outside the home while medics are inside.

Medics with Everett Fire on scene shortly before 5 AM a homeowner in the Silver Lake neighborhood off 126th street SE called 911 to report he had shot an intruder inside his home.

Police and medics arrived on the scene and found a person with a gunshot wound.

EPD Major Crimes detectives have been called to the scene but no further information is being released at this point.

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