Washington State: Gun Grabbers 2021 Agenda

The nation is likely headed for a major fight over the 2nd Amendment in Washington D.C. if Joe “Sniffin” Biden is certified as President on January 6th.

If the weak-kneed Republicans can’t hold the line in Georiga and they lose the Senate, we are headed for the most dangerous time in American history in the fight to preserve the 2nd Amendment. Even with the Senate, you can’t trust RINO’s like Mitt Romney and Marco Rubio to stand for our gun rights.

Gun owners are going to have their hands full in D.C. regardless of what happens in January and we hope you are ready to fight back!

However, gun owners in Washington state have their own problems to deal with when groups like “Alliance for Gun Responsibility (Confiscation)” push their agenda with the leftist Democrats in Olympia.

Despite what these radicals say, we all know their real goal is the abolishment of the 2nd Amendment.

Alliance for Gun Responsibility, Everytown for Gun Safety, and Moms Demand Action are funded by wealthy socialists and their goal is to turn Washington and the entire United States into a European dump with no way to defend yourself.

So, in January, the Washington legislature will convene and conduct their business remotely for the most part.

The public will continue to be locked out of the capitol and gun owners won’t be able to go and testify in person against these unconstitutional proposals that are coming from the gun control crowd.

So, what are the main proposals Alliance for Gun Responsibility is pushing for in 2021?

  1. They want to protect everything they have accomplished so far and prevent gun owners from gaining any ground back in what has been lost.
  2. They want to require background checks on the purchase of any magazine. They want you to forget that a magazine is literally useless without a firearm, criminals won’t be following the background check law, and they want to make it more burdensome for you to defend yourself.
  3. They want to restrict firearms, particularly open carrying of firearms, at political events such as rallies.
  4. Finally, the gun-grabbers want to “hold police accountable” which is nothing more than code for abolishing police departments. And at the same time of course they want to disarm you so that now no one is able to defend themselves against the thugs who are running rampant in Seattle and other places.

Despite the setbacks suffered in Washington, this is not the time to give up!

A lot of people have fled to Idaho, Wyoming, Texas, and other more gun-friendly states. But we know that there are a ton of great gun owners left in Washington that can help keep the fight to stop these leftists going.

Be ready to fight next month and we would encourage you to join up with Washington Gun Rights today at JoinWGR.com and help in whatever way you can!

If you can’t afford to join up, be sure to contact your legislators when the time is right and encourage them to fight for gun owners and never compromise.

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